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Seeking Pet Care Product Reviewers (Long-term + Consistent Work)

Pet Keen Published: August 25, 2023
Work can be done remotely
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Do you love taking photos?

Do you love taking photos of your pets (and they love being your models)?

Do you enjoy trying out new pet products?

Do you think you could make pet food look appetizing in a photo??

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, read on!

We’re seeking a pet-loving, multi-talented person with writing and photography skills to create firsthand reviews of products from our affiliate partners in the pet industry. This position is part-time but could eventually turn into more.

This role may be for you, so long as you:

-Own (or have easy access to) at least one pet—cat, dog, or other small pet (rabbit, hamster, etc.). Bonus points if you have a multi-pet household!
-Are willing to receive a variety of  *free* pet products and review your and your pet’s experience. We currently review a lot of dog and cat food, treats, leashes, supplements, GPS dog collars, and much more. In this field, options are endless.
-Have a good quality, up-to-date camera, and fantastic photography skills. Most of our current product reviewers are using newer iPhones and/or Android phones but a proper camera would be great too!

Most of our partners are based in the US, but we’re branching into Canada, the UK, and Australia. Applicants must reside in these countries. Special consideration will be extended to licensed veterinarians.

We’re a digital media company with a strong portfolio of pet care websites like PetKeen.com and own our own brand of pet furniture and accessories. If you’re a pet owner, there’s a good chance you’ve read one of our posts when you were Googling ‘Can my pet eat….”?

About the role:

Imagine you are buying something for your pet. Instead of simply clicking 'order,' you'd likely search for reviews to ensure it's as good as advertised. In this role, you’d be the one writing those reviews.

These posts represent Pangolia to partners nationwide, such as The Farmer’s Dog, Basepaws, and Petco. We seek communicative team players who can provide timely feedback, alongside crafting helpful reviews and captivating photos.

Diverse products will be delivered to your doorstep for free, and in return, you will take compelling lifestyle shots of the products and write us an honest review of your experience.

We have an in-depth guide to follow for both photography and writing in this program to help you be the most successful you can be.

See these examples of recent product reviews:





How It Works:

If you are chosen for a product, we get it sent out to you, you take amazing photos and test it out, and once the photos are approved, you write the review following the template provided.

We pay by the word and there’s a flat fee for taking pictures. And, all of the free things for your pets! Some of these products are super fancy - $1,000 catios, $400 litter boxes, $50 bags of dog food. It’s a nice perk :)

Payment via PayPal or Wise (preferred), and generally, we pay within 72 hours of approving your review and photos.

This is a great opportunity for:

-Established pet writers and photographers
-Go-getters with an eye for staging photographs and a flair for the written word
-Flexible and open-minded writers who are ready to try all kinds of products (that are safe for your pets!)

How to Apply:
Fill out the form, answering questions about you, your pet(s), and your experience in the pet care niche.

Please also attach three pictures with your application. As you read above, photos are crucial to making these reviews pop! Show us what you’ve got by taking:

1. A picture of your pet with a pet product. Can be anything you normally use for them, no need to be new. Stage your pet nicely next to the product.
2. A picture of the product alone. Think realistic, lifestyle photos from your favorite Instagram feeds.
3. A picture of your pet engaging with the product. Your cat eating the food, a dog playing with their toy, etc.
4. Write a 200-300 word “Our Experience With (product name)” section to give us an idea of your writing style. Feel free to reference our existing posts above for inspiration.

If you’re a good fit, we’ll be in touch ASAP :)

You can apply here:

^ If you were unable to apply before, please try again! There was an issue with the link but it has been resolved

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