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Seeking freelance writers with knowledge of videoproduction and/or strong research skills

CreateVID Published: February 15, 2019
Work can be done remotely
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I’m looking for freelance copywriters for a new helpful informational website about videography.

Native English speakers only.

You should be able to deliver a least one article per week and deliver on time.


What kind of person I’m looking for:

– PERFECT English

– passionate about digital videography

– has some experience in blogging/copywriting


What type of content do I publish:

– All sorts of tips & tutorials to shooting better video

– All sorts of tips to making money with your video

– All sorts of tips to building a studio for shooting and editing video

– Gear reviews

– Post-production tips & tutorials

– Colorgrading tips & tutorials

– Inspirational stuff

I have approximately 60 articles planned at the moment. I expect most will be between 1500-4000 words.

The most important thing for me is finding writers, who want to help others by providing good helpful content.



1500 words = $30.00
2000 words = $40.00
2500 words = $50.00
3000 words = $60.00
3500 words = $70.00
4000 words = $80.00
4500 words = $90.00
5000 words = $100.00



I’m building a website for aspiring as well as experienced videographers and DIY film producers, vloggers and enthusiasts who want to start or get better at producing videos. I want to provide good and helpful content on subjects within this field. I will be writing a lot of content myself, but simply don’t have the time to write it all while producing videos for clients at the same time.

In the first line of your message, write “I paid attention and read the full posting.” Otherwise, I won’t consider your application.

Write “I’m a film blogger” in the subject line.

Tips for applying online safely