Save Me From Myself! If you’re a great Brian Dean / Neil Patel-style writer, I need you!

Self-Directed Investor Society Published: July 25, 2017
Anywhere (Atlanta is a plus, but totally not necessary)
Work can be done remotely
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Hello!  We have several articles on our site that are extremely informative and very authoritative... but they just aren't very well organized or visually engaging.

Here's an example of one of them:

I need someone to rewrite this article (and some others, if this one works out well for both of us).  The rewrites need to have these characteristics:

  • Brian Dean / Neil Patel style - short, simple paragraphs, a lot of whitespace, very conversational, first person
  • Images - our content is short on images right now, and I need for that to be resolved.  Again, the Dean/Patel style is what I'm looking for.  It seems they are heavy on the use of screen captures (, extremely simple info graphics ( and lightly modified stock imagery (, and I'm fine with all of that

The articles are already written, so there shouldn't be any research needed for this project.

But if you see glaring holes in the content you need filled in, chances are extremely high that we can provide the information to you directly rather than requiring you to perform a lot of research.

Basically, I'm trying to step up the quality of our content, from being merely informative, to being truly readable - and maybe even entertaining - as well.

Can you help us?  If so, please respond apply now!  We'd like to start with the one article above, and if you like us and we like you, there are several more in the pipeline right now.

Thank you... I hope to work with you soon!

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