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Rockstar Software Reviewer for The Creator Economy

Elite Content Marketer Published: April 4, 2023
Work can be done remotely
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Are you enthusiastic about exploring new technology? Would you like to manually explore and write unbiased reviews of software for digital creators?

Then this is the perfect gig for you.


About You

Here are the specific requirements from the reviewer:

1. Existing software reviewing experience: Having past experience playing around with new software and writing about them is invaluable. Curiosity to explore new tech is the cherry on top.

2. Take pride in your work: Do you want your article to be more useful than chatGPT? That requires some heavy lifting. You distill insights based on your personal experience of testing software — regurgitating features from software websites. You better be proud of yourself!

3. Authentic writing: You’ll end up using sentences like, “I found the AI podcast editing by Adobe cumbersome and inaccurate” — not “Adobe Podcast lets you easily edit audio using a transcript.” Such authentic writing is only possible when you enjoy being authentic — even if it is software tools you’re talking about.

4. Have a short and succinct style: Everyone’s short of time. Your writing needs to have a low “time to value.” A reader should be able to quickly discern the pros & cons of the software you mention in an article and find the one that fits their needs. No meandering around with warm up sentences.

5. Reliability: Respecting deadlines is super important. Once we settle on them mutually, you need to deliver on time. Not delivering on time is not tolerated, unless you want to be haunted by the ghost of deadlines past.

6. You get SEO: I want your articles to rank at the top spot in Google, and so do you (I guess?) So you’ll use a Surfer SEO report for optimizing the article and covering all relevant “subtopics” that Google wants us to do in every review article.


What You'll Do As a Software Reviewer

Here's what the role entails:

1. Identify leading and lesser-known software for creators for specific use cases: You can start with marketplaces, but you will also rely on your own research. The categories of software you’ll use include but isn’t limited to podcast editing, content creation, building sales funnels, YouTube SEO, etc.

2. Testing software in a specific category: Based on your research, we’ll settle upon a list of software. You’ll explore the most common workflows the software is used for. For instance, you may evaluate grammar software for its language correction abilities, user interface, integrations with other software, etc.

3. Make notes: While using each software, you’ll jot down your experience. How was the onboarding? Did one software have a messy dashboard? Was a tool too expensive for its features?

4. Reflect on your experience and rank software: Once you have notes, you’ll rank the software based on unique functionalities and your experience. You’ll settle on the ones you’ll mention in your article.

5. Write software reviews: Finally, you’ll use your notes from the third step and judgment from the fourth to write unbiased reviews. You’ll also use Surfer to optimize the article for ranking for their target keywords.


Why Work For Elite Content Marketer?

Elite Content Marketer is a creator-first company. It offers education and software reviews to help beginner creators graduate into the middle class (and beyond) sustainably. We want to ultimately become a hub for creators for education, inspiration, entertainment, and discovery. Explore more about us here.

Here are the top perks of working with us:

1. Get paid well for your work: You can channel your inner software geek to try new tech and get paid industry standard rates. For those interested, I want to explore an option of profit sharing for your articles down the line. So once your articles rank, you can earn “passive income” from them.

2. Stable, long-term gig: This is at least a year-long project (if not more) for the right person who loves software, is interested in the creator economy, and would like to write unbiased reviews. You can take on anywhere between one to four articles a month (or more) — as long as we’re not skimping on quality.

3. Build a portfolio you’re proud of: There are lots of SaaS writers today, but how many actually get into the weeds actually testing software? This is that gig whose portfolio pieces will separate you from the pack of average writers. Oh, and for writers that have written over 10 articles for us, we design custom author pages like this one.

4. Launch your writing career to the moon: Your articles stand a good chance to rank on the first page of search (because of our domain’s healthy domain rating of 71). You’ll also get feedback on your writing from an experienced content marketer. This gig could be your launchpad for even higher-paying writing projects.

Oh, and all standard remote work benefits apply — you work on your own schedule and be anywhere you want in the world.

Sounds Like a Fun Gig?

Then apply by filling in this application form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/10aVb_Z5FMN8msVBF6cQHLe9jUny5LuDRlJabkE3gYHM/edit. I might reach out to you for additional clarifications or to proceed you to the next step of the job: a paid software review assignment.

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