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Nerd Fitness Published: November 27, 2017
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Rising Heroes is currently seeking a part-time writer to create the live, weekly missions and community highlight newsletter.

This is a remote, part-time position. You will work remotely, and while the role may require alternative work hours every now and then, most work will typically be done during North American daytime hours. While all members of Team Nerd Fitness work together on a daily basis, you will solely be responsible for the duties below after your training is complete.

What is Rising Heroes?

Rising Heroes is a health, fitness, and lifestyle augmented reality game that helps players build sustainable, healthy habits in a positive environment. Each week (Monday morning), players are sent a newsletter with community highlights and a list of missions to complete that week which will help them build or maintain healthy habits. In addition to healthy habit building, players work together to earn points in order to advance the story in a positive or negative (if the objective is not met) way.

The program is part of the Nerd Fitness community, and embraces the same tone of writing. We embrace “nerd culture” and fandom, always aiming for inclusivity.

View the RH Sales Page here.

Job Description:

Rising Heroes is currently seeking a part-time writer to create the live, weekly missions and community highlight newsletter. The world inside RH exists within our own real-world as a form of ARG. While there’s still an amount of suspension of disbelief, the characters and actions all exist in the world as we know it.

The writing is a mix of technical writing, creative writing, and game creation.

  •    Technical writing: creating clear guidelines for mission completion
  •    Creative writing: creating interesting characters and plot
  •    Game creation: crafting everything into a “game” that users play, including a point system, unlockable achievements and secret missions, presented to users in an interesting way

A close example of this type of writing might be that of a Dungeon Master in Dungeons & Dragons. We’re looking for someone who can balance the technical ability required to instruct users on their goals, the creative ability to draft interesting characters and engaging prose, and the gamification ability to create an engaging, long-lasting, interactive experience.

The weekly content is written to accomplish multiple goals:

  •    Deliver interesting, actionable, relevant, and clear missions. Three to four missions are delivered each week, with an additional “flash mission” mid-week.
  •    Notify users of intertwined story, mythology, and “puzzles” being released within the platform’s “Single-Player Mode.” New users are constantly joining, so all story must balance continued accessibility with its own immersive cannon.
  •    Highlight community achievements and conversations to encourage engagement on social media platforms.

What we need from you:

  • A Rising Heroes writer needs to be skilled in both writing prose and technical writing – Must be able to write prose for weekly Dispatch newsletters and detailed technical explanations for mission content.
  • The RH writer needs to be skilled at game creation: crafting everything into a “game” that users play, including a point system, unlockable achievements and secret missions, and new devices for rolling out story in a way that keeps users engaged long-term.
  • Writer must take ownership of weekly content – Once writer has completed training, they will be 100% responsible for weekly newsletter, authoring of weekly missions, finding Facebook testimonials, questions, and conversations to highlight and summarize, and gathering links and screenshots of Facebook posts to include in newsletter.
  • The RH writer researches and produces content that meets the Rising Heroes standards:
    • Content must be correctly formatted, have correct spelling and grammar, include images to break up content and links to references – old RH content, NF articles, or external content.
    • Content follows the style guides for RH universe specific capitalizations.
    • Research will need to be conducted if content covers a topic writer is not familiar with. Content produced should remain consistent with Nerd Fitness existing content and philosophy.
  • The RH writer contributes mission and story ideas and works within time and tech constraints.
    • Writer must be able to meet with team members at least once per month to discuss story direction and mission ideas, but should be able to construct complete weekly Dispatches and missions with little direction after initial meeting.
    • The goal is to complete at least 1.5 weeks’ worth of mission content per week (first draft) AND one week’s full newsletter content edited and finalized (second draft) in order to continue pushing us ahead.
    • Content must NOT rely on any new tech development.
  • Ideal candidate follows directions, works collaboratively with team, and takes feedback into rewrites. Must have ability to communicate regularly via Slack about content progress and ask for help when needed.
  • Ability to hit assigned deadlines regularly. Deadlines will be communicated via content calendar. If you cannot hit a deadline or perform weekly duties as expected (travel, illness, family challenges, holidays, etc.), you must communicate this to the team.
  • Writer will need to get caught up on the story and become familiar with the RH writing style very quickly (within the first week of beginning this position)so that you can begin writing content that meets standards immediately.
  • Writer will need to become familiar with the tech abilities and limitations of the platform quickly (within the first two weeks of beginning this position).
  • Writer will need a strong propensity of self-direction, motivation, and organization. We’re a small company and ask that each of our team members “master” their realms with little oversight.

Preferred knowledge, skills, and abilities:

  • Acquainted with health, fitness, self improvement, and habit building concepts.
  • Familiar with NF philosophy, content, and writing style – a reader/subscriber of our content.
  • Familiar with Rising Heroes.
  • Consistent schedule with availability primarily during weekdays.
  • Familiar with WordPress platform.
  • Skilled at puzzle creation.

Please note that while this is a remote position, we are a U.S. based company and you must be authorized to work in the United States to apply.

If this sounds like an opportunity you’d like to explore, please fill out this survey and application.

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