Review our new plug-and-play service to watch the latest TV & movies from anywhere in the world

blackVPN Published: October 29, 2012
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This is a paid gig with extra benefits (minimum €100 value).
We're looking for Tech & Entertainment bloggers with an existing audience outside the USA which is interested in watching the latest TV & movies but do not have the technical know-how or patience to configure this for themselves.

We're offering selected number of tech & entertainment bloggers a sneak preview of our new service/product that we hope to release at the end of November. We can't say much in this post but it is something very different for us and something we see has worldwide demand for the coming years.

We're searching for a limited number of tech authors to review of our new service/product and be amongst the first to write about it when we launch at the end of November.

We need to select which bloggers we are working with by mid-November AT THE LATEST in order for you to have enough time to try our new product/service and write your review.

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