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Remote Cloud-Based Software Writer/Reviewer

Cloudwards Published: November 4, 2021
Work can be done remotely
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Are You a Writer With an Interest in Cloud-Based Technology & Want Consistent Remote Work?

Then this opportunity is exactly what you’re looking for.

But This Isn’t Your Typical Freelance Writer Job...

Cloudwards.net is a leading online publication providing information, news, articles and interviews for cloud-based software. We reach over 1,000,000 visitors monthly and continue to grow month after month.

We're looking to strengthen our writing team with a few people that are interested in writing about software (with a focus on backup, storage, project management and VPNs). If that sounds like a good fit for you, keep reading to see what we offer and what we expect.

Who We Are

At Cloudwards, we create content that people love and search engines understand. We do that by providing expert and honest reviews for the best cloud-based software and tools available.

We publish several articles every day, Monday through Friday. Our massive content library includes thousands of articles, and we continue to publish more every day. We’re passionate about what we do and we have ambitious plans for our future.

And that’s where you come in.

What we’re looking for are writers with native or fluent English, and who are comfortable with American use and style. You need to care about our readers and be willing to put in that extra bit of effort to properly inform them of the software purchases they’re considering. You need to really be into how software works and translating that into solid copy that really gets into the nitty-gritty.

But what’s in it for you, and why would you want to join us?

7 Reasons to Join Cloudwards as a Freelance Writer

1. Write Honest Reviews
Our content library has thousands of detailed reviews, comparisons, roundups, etc., written with complete transparency. And we never sacrifice quality for quantity.

Like most review sites, we make a small commission off of any sales we help facilitate, but we take our role as reviewers seriously. We only give fair assessments of the products we review -- we aren’t going to say a terrible service is good just to make a few dollars.

This isn’t just out of the goodness of our hearts, either: we figure that by being honest, we'll easily become the trusted go-to site for our audience. Trustworthiness is its own reward.

If that’s something you can get behind, we’d love to have you on the team!

2. Consistent Work & Prompt Pay
We know that working as a freelance writer has its challenges, including having a consistent workflow. That’s why we can guarantee you a certain number of articles per month, with a minimum of four articles per month.

However, if you want to write more, we love that! You can write as much as you want. You’ll also be able to see the upcoming articles in advance so you can plan your schedule accordingly.

As for payments, we pay all our team members promptly by the first of each month for articles that have been published. This means a consistent and reliable paycheck.

All pieces will go through our full editorial queue -- feedback from your editor, copy edits, fact checking, final edits, formatting -- meaning it takes roughly a week from first submission for it to appear on the site.

Join us and you won’t have to worry about inconsistent work.

3. Strong Editorial Guidance & Training
We know that you’ll write more and better if you have a support structure around you. That’s why we create a thorough briefing for each article we assign you, with clear instructions on what angle you’ll write, how many words to include, plus which headings and topics to cover. There’s no second guessing what the editorial team wants from you -- it’s clear before you put any words on the page.

As long as you’re willing to work with a nice outline structure, you’ll be able to work efficiently and not have to worry about major revisions after you’ve put a lot of work into the article.

Plus, you’ll also have one dedicated editor, so they will be able to provide consistent feedback to help you grow as a writer with Cloudwards.

Work with us, and you’ll feel supported from day one.

4. Clear, Creative Writing
Here at Cloudwards, we try to have a friendly, more casual tone so readers aren’t intimidated by the content. Do you hate the words “plethora” and “myriad”? We do, too. We use simple language that anyone can understand.

However, we want our writers to have fun with the content and let their personal voice come through -- no faceless writers for us. (Oh yeah, and you get your by line, and your bio and headshot on our site’s “about” page.)

If writing clear, creative content is something you’re good at, then this position is for you.

5. Work Remotely and Set Your Own Schedule
We are a fully remote team with workers all over the world, from California and Mexico to Kenya and Cyprus. As long as you are a fluent English writer and you have a consistent WiFi connection, where you live is up to you.

Plus, great people don’t necessarily do their best work by staring at a monitor for 8 hours straight every day. So at Cloudwards, you’ll have the flexibility to design a schedule that allows you to do your best work from anywhere in the world. You’ll have only one deadline -- the day that your article/s are due each week.

Otherwise, as long as you can check your Slack messages for feedback from your dedicated editor and make timely adjustments to your articles as they move through the editorial queue, your schedule is fully flexible.

If that works for you, join us!

6. Get Training, Plus Growth and Promotion Opportunities
We’re a fast-growing company, which means lots of growth opportunities for our high performers.

If you are consistently writing strong content that follows our standards, we can increase your article numbers each week (if you want). Plus, if you prove to be passionate about the content and the team -- and if you have the interest in growing professionally -- you could be considered for joining our editorial team.

If you prove to be a reliable freelancer for us, you could become eligible for training courses for growth opportunities, from writing courses to copy editing tips to SEO training.

If you prefer just to keep excelling at your current freelance writing role, that’s cool too. The point is, the opportunities will be there if you want them.

7. Join a Fun Team
We’re a fun bunch, and we enjoy spending time together. Right now, that happens digitally, but we’ll have in-person meet-ups as soon as the circumstances permit. We have a great thing going, and we’d love for you to be a part of it!

Here's What We Expect From You

  • You have strong writing experience about cloud-based technologies
  • You are a good communicator with our editorial team
  • You can commit to at least one article per week (four per month), with a word count usually running between 1,500 and 3,000
  • You can work with Trello, Slack, Google Docs and SEO browser add-on tools
  • You can take feedback from the editorial team and have a positive attitude
  • You hold journalism ethics to high standards -- we have a zero-tolerance plagiarism policy
  • The starting rate per word is 6 cents (USD), but this can be increased based on experience.

If this sounds like the team for you, please apply here:

If we think you could be a good fit, we will invite you to do an 500-word unpaid writing trial. 

Thank you!

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