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QuickBooks Hiring a Deputy Editor Who Wants to Support Growing Businesses

QuickBooks Published: September 3, 2019
Work can be done remotely
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The QuickBooks Resource Center serves as practical guidance for business owners, general managers, financial professionals, and IT managers at companies growing rapidly. As the team creating the resource center, our job is to support companies as they move along, sustaining or growing their businesses however they want to.

We aren’t doing content marketing or writing blog posts, we are building a media company on behalf of QuickBooks. To quote the quarry worker’s creed, “We who cut mere stones must always be envisioning cathedrals.”

We are looking for a deputy editor to help us build a publication of stories, insightful guides, and actionable advice. The deputy editor will work remotely, for 40 hours per week. We are accepting applications for this position until October 3, 2019. Interested in joining us?

You are:

  • Available to edit 20 1,500-word articles per month (line editing, fact-checking, logic and conceptual editing, rewriting when needed) 
  • Experienced with nurturing a team of freelance writers and providing them with constructive feedback, as well as receiving feedback from editors and business managers
  • Willing to spend time meeting with and understanding key stakeholders, and organizing editorial processes
  • Resourceful in solving problems (e.g., asking questions through cold emails for research, or picking up the phone to interview people, etc.)
  • As interested in finding readers (through SEO, syndication, guest posts, etc.) as you are in editing articles

We are:

  • Supporting rapidly growing businesses in sustaining themselves or growing to the next level
  • Invested in supporting you to become a better editor
  • Keen to learn from your skills and experience
  • Eager to build a team that meets regularly and supports one another
  • Happy to compensate you well for great work

To apply:

  • Write an email to [email protected] with the subject line, “QuickBooks Deputy Editor application”
  • Please include 2-3 editing samples (links are best), along with a few sentences about what you changed about the article
  • Read this article and provide us with feedback. What is one thing you would keep, one thing you would cut, and one thing you would change? https://quickbooks.intuit.com/r/uncategorized/why-its-time-to-stop-thinking-about-scaling/ 
  • Tell us about a publication you have edited for, and the results of your work (e.g., building a team, article quality, pageviews, time on page, etc.)
  • Let us know who you are and where you are. We want to get to know you

I’ll say it again: We are accepting applications for this position until October 3, 2019.

Tips for applying online safely

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