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Quality editor for local business articles

Seddon Digital Published: July 31, 2022
Work can be done remotely
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We are looking for writers with excellent writing and editing skills who can edit blog posts of 500 to 800 words and add 3 to 5 quality subheadings per article.

These are existing blog posts, written by specialists, which require rewriting for more effective SEO.

Ideally you will have some experience or passion for the local business niche, particularly human resources. No specialist human resources knowledge is required.

All articles must be uniquely edited for specific keywords and topics that we will provide. No background research is required. We will provide the articles which require editing.

We are after persuasive writers but not "spammy" writers – the articles must be re-written/edited in a style that is informative, useful and interesting to our readers.

All writing must achieve the equivalent of Grade 6 to Grade 8 reading level (not comprehension level), with minimal passive language

All articles must be completely unique and therefore pass Copyscape/Grammarly

You must have your own account with Copyscape/Grammarly and check each article

Please provide, with your application, one subheading and rewrite for the following text:

"Misclassifying a worker as an independent contractor creates the risk of your business inadvertently committing wage theft and becoming liable for back payment of employee entitlements. Not to mention opening you up for unfair dismissal and sham contracting claims.

The distinction between employees and independent contractors has long been murky, and for years has relied on complex analysis of the “multifactorial indicia” present in the relationship between the parties. This requirement has often led to confusion, conflicting opinions about whether a worker is a contractor or an employee, and uncertainty about whether businesses and workers could rely on what they had written and agreed upon in their contracts."

Each article must read well and make sense - if your English is not good PLEASE don't waste my time or yours. Any article that needs further editing or is not readable will be rejected! We will not pay for rejected posts.

I will own all exclusive rights/copyrights to the completed articles.

Articles must be delivered within 3 business days of being commissioned.

In your cover letter, include:
- bid for 5 edited articles with 3-5 subheadings for each
- your qualifications and experience in writing articles for the human resources niche
- if you have any experience in writing articles for SEO

- sample edited text plus one subheading (see above)
-Put the words "author script" at the top of your cover letter. This is to make sure that you read the whole job posting. Cover letters without these words will be automatically ignored.

This can become long-term if successful applicants write good quality articles and meet the deadlines.

Price for the job will be determined by your qualifications and experience.

FIXED QUOTE: This job is for 5 edited up to 800 words articles

Thank you.



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