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Product Researcher

Stone Press Published: July 26, 2021
Seattle, WA
Work can be done remotely
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Business software and service reviews have a long way to go.

Most reviews are written by folks that have never used the tool. Others are unverified review platforms that can be easily gamed.

The goal of our content team is to change all that.

We’re building some of the most thorough, well-researched, and detailed business reviews across any B2B site. When people read one of our reviews, they should think to themselves, “Wow, these folks took their research to an insane level.”

And we want your help.

As a Product Researcher, you’ll do that insane level of research to make a truly well-informed and trustworthy review. No detail is too obscure, no concept too complicated, no product too difficult to research. No matter the challenge, you’re driven to wrestle with the complexity and come up recommendations that our audience will trust.

We use multiple methods to research products. Sometimes, we get hands on and test an entire category of products ourselves for weeks at a time. In other cases, we contact users of those products and ask for their ratings and feedback. And in others, we’ll interview category experts to get their high-level analysis on the space. You should be extremely excited by every one of these methods.

Your Responsibilities

  • Finding the most important products and services to feature in any business category. Example categories include web hosts, CRMs, project management tools, HR software, etc.
  • Reading and analyzing hundreds of public user reviews to find the core issues that people care about for any category of products or services. Then going further by digging into forums, buried sites from real experts, and social networks to find the honest truth. Once you’ve found everything, you’ll come up with a rating methodology that allows us to compare products to one another.
  • Doing cold outreach to real users and getting their ratings through surveys and interviews.
  • Interviewing category experts to get broader insights.
  • Testing products and rating products by hand.
  • Distilling your research into a Research Brief that will be handed off to one of our Staff Writers. Our briefs easily reach dozens of pages in length, some even get to 100+ pages.
  • Being “on-call” to support our Staff Writers as they use your research to draft the final post. You’ll be collaborating and working with the rest of the team heavily.
  • Once per week, you’ll have a list of published posts to check and find something to fix like out-of-date info on products.

How to Tell If You’ll be a Great Fit

  • You absolutely love diving into massive complexity, finding the few threads that matter most, and synthesizing everything into simple recommendations that readers can easily understand.
  • You believe that many of the best insights are gained by picking up the phone. And you’re not afraid of cold outreach. This is not a role where you’ll do research and analysis completely on your own. You’ll need to reach out and talk to real users to get their insights. You’ll be expected to find and connect with users of all types of business products.
  • You have a creative and open-minded approach to research. For many categories, you’ll have to come up with unique ways to test products or reach new users. While we have some methods that we use regularly, you should be excited by coming up with new approaches on your own. There will be lots of trial and error.
  • You have an insatiable drive to learn on your own. We cover a ton of different business categories, many of which you won’t have direct experience with. You should be excited by the challenge of learning the category, becoming an expert quickly, and distilling everything you’ve learned for our readers.
  • You don’t get bored by researching the same business category for months at a time. You should expect to spend 4-6 months going super deep on a single category like CRMs. You’ll look at every product, every way to segment the category, and put together research that will be used across dozens of posts.
  • You’re a great communicator. While we aren’t expecting you to write copy for our reviews, your research briefs should be clear and emphasize the most important insights. The quality of your communication determines the quality of the insights in the final post.
  • You have a knack for empathy. Sure, a spreadsheet can be helpful to see the big picture. But you have a deep belief that the most important insights come from understanding the emotions from real people.

Compensation and Benefits

  • We believe in paying competitively, towards the top of the market rates.
  • Health, dental, vision, and life insurance. We cover it all along with your spouse and dependents. We’ve also selected the very best plan available to us.
  • One-time $1,500 office reimbursement. That means we pay for your equipment, and you get to keep it.
  • Monthly $300 remote work reimbursement.
  • 3 weeks of PTO every year, and we currently observe 10 US holidays.

About Stone Press

Stone Press is building the largest network of B2B websites, with a focus on SEO. We already operate several of the most respected B2B sites, and are actively pursuing acquisitions and launching new projects.

We provide our millions of monthly website visitors a wealth of information across all business categories and topics.

Our team is primarily made up of writers, editors, strategists, outreach coordinators, and prospectors.

We’re a fully remote company, dedicated to making sure that Stone Press is an incredible place to work.

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