Political Blogger — Full Time Available!

New Liberty Company Published: February 14, 2016
Dallas, Texas
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I'm looking for conservative writers who can write pro-Trump articles with some talk-radio style for a political website.
We are looking for people who can follow instructions PERFECTLY, can write a political rant that appeals to Trump supporters, and who understands political issues very well.

We will:

a) Provide the headline
b) Provide the picture
c) Provide source

You will:

a) Write the article, and fill in the basic data on the WordPress blog

b) Make sure the article is 7 paragraphs with at least 200 words, with minimal quotes (unless very relevant to the story)

c) Make the story as interesting and fun to read as possible

If you like ranting about politics, this is for you! Our writers have a LOT of fun and make great money doing what they love.

Starting pay is $10, but after two months, we will give the option to work full time at $20 per post for 6 per day.

Each article should take about 30 minutes to write, with some writers getting it done much faster than that. Some writers, of course, are slower, but we prefer writers who are FAST.
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