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Pillar Article: Kindness

Sunrise Steam Media Published: May 13, 2019
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We have a newer web site and need a pillar article written about kindness and how important kindness is in one's life.  Primarily centered around kindness with oneself and their relationships.

Targeting 2,000+ words but welcome your input and word-count projections.

Our goals for the article is for it to be:

  • a valuable resource readers can reference for improving their life and relationships
  • a top destination for searches on kindness

We are not looking for scientific/research heavy text. We want content that can be read by the average reader who is looking to improve themselves and their relationships. That being said, we like references to research in the article to support why kindness is so important.

We want the article to have these sections, but are open to more if it fits with the theme of the article:

  • The importance of kindness
    • For yourself
    • For your relationships
  • How does kindness affect your health?
  • What does kindness do to the body?
  • How is kindness contagious?
  • Why I should be kind to others?
  • How can I be a kind person?
  • Why you should be kind to yourself

Timing: 2-3 weeks. We are primarily concerned about having quality content and will work with selected writer for deadlines.

We plan to have a decision the week of May 19. This is the beginning of a planned series and have future articles to be written.

What we want to learn from you:

  • A description of your writing style
  • How you would approach
  • Any examples of your work
  • What your typical agreement looks like
  • Cost
  • Anything else that would help us understand more about you, your writing style that would assist in the selection process
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