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Part-time Freelance Writer & Copywriter

Circles Published: December 7, 2016
Work can be done remotely
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We are Circles, an education tech startup based in New York City and Barcelona. We have spent one year developing and testing an online platform that allows individuals to learn and grow together in what we call “guided peer groups”. There is a ton of information on our website about what we are creating and why. The current website was created to communicate with advisors pre-launch. We are updating the site over the next few weeks with new copy.

Learn more about Circles
We got a great team working on this, including some of the most amazing people in education today. You will be able to learn and grow together with some really interesting and inspiring humans :-)

Introduction to Circles

Introduction to the product/service

Our team and advisors (you will be interviewing some of these for sure :-)


We are looking for a versatile writer that has experience producing copy that is both engaging and proven to convert visitors to customers as well being capable of doing longer form writing to create easy to understand, educational content that inspires action.


  • Landing page copy
    • To convert visitors: signups and/or applicants
  • Website copy
    • To establish trust and thought leadership with investors, potential customers (we call them learners) and advisors
    • Articles and blog posts
  • Email nurture campaigns
    • To get potential customers to overcome the barrier of applying and joining a circle
  • Email educational campaigns
    • To inform and educate applicants and circle members of the value of the Circles and how to get the most out of their circle

On one hand we need to create engaging copy for our landing pages (see an example here) that engages and converts visitors to applicants to join one of our circles.

On the other hand we have a need to educate users around the value of joining a circle, and how a circle can help them in solve the needs and challenges they have in their job.

Our first core target group is entrepreneurs, startups CEO and senior team leads in fast growing businesses.

We have chosen this target as they have a huge need to learn quickly, to find new solutions fast, have little time and typically feel lonely.

Requirement for the writer: Experience and and an understanding of what this specific target group struggles with. It could be that you have worked within a startup, have run one yourself, or have been involved in an organization that supports entrepreneurs.

We need you to quickly be able to pick up on the topics and challenges they face and to be able to develop content that connects their challenges with the solutions that a peer group can provide.

As a part of your role you will be interviewing experts and extracting their knowledge and learnings to create both short and long form content that connects with issues that our target care about.

We have two main scenarios:

  1. A potential customer arrives on a Circle landing page and signup to learn more
    1. They are then added to our mailing list where we activate a series of nurture emails (you will write those) that aim to get the reader excited about joining a circle and then applying
  2. The customer goes to the landing page and applies to join a circle. We will then send them a series of emails that will get them excited about the circle they are joining and educate them about how to get the most out of the circle.

We will need you help with all the copy and articles/emails for this. From landing copy to nurture emails to educational emails.

Circles is about storytelling. It is about being personal, about being vulnerable, about self disclosure and sharing stories that are authentic.


  • Proven experience in creating copy for landing pages that actually convert visitors into paying customers
  • A passion for longform writing, with proven experience in making the complex easy to understand
  • A deep interest in what makes humans tick, in personal and professional development
  • Understanding of the challenges and issues that entrepreneurs are concerned about
  • A capacity of telling stories and making the words come alive and inspire
  • Proven experience in conducting interviews with thought leaders and creating inspiring articles on the back of what you have learned from them
  • Available to dedicate at least 20 hours over the next two weeks and then 10 hours per week after that.


Tips for applying online safely

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