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Parenting Squad Published: January 15, 2008
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Parenting Squad is looking for bloggers to share parenting tips, advice, news, and personal stories.
Bloggers are paid 100% of the ad revenue made on their article pages. That can include Google Adsense, text link ads, and site-wide revenue.

Parenting Squad is a part of the Killer Aces Media network. Killer Aces Media was founded with the mission to create quality community blogs that pays bloggers their fair value. We've created a model called Fair Bloggingâ„¢.

What is Fair Bloggingâ„¢?

* Fair Bloggingâ„¢ means you get full value from your articles. Unlike other blog networks that pay $5-$10 per article or share a small percentage of revenue, our writers get 100 percent of the advertising revenue made on the articles published on our sites.

* You join a supportive community of bloggers with professional writing, editorial, advertising, marketing, SEO, and sales experience.

* You keep the copyright for your work.

* Our monetizing experts find the best advertisers for your blog and negotiate the best deals on your behalf.

* You join a collaborative model that works. Our other Fair Blogs have been featured by major publications like New York Times, MSN Money Central, Wired, and Mother Jones, and are followed by top bloggers in the industry.

* Our company provides marketing, community, sales and technical support. Our revenue share comes from the main homepage and other community areas that doesn't belong to any particular blogger.

How much will I make?

Your earnings will vary depending on how much you write and how popular your articles are. With our model, articles written in the past will continue to earn well into the future. It's no surprise that our highest earner on Wise Bread (our first Fair Blog) has been with us since the launch of it.

Our model also rewards writers who put out quality content (better quality = more popular = more reads/page views) and put effort in marketing themselves and their articles.

What are your requirements?

We value talent over experience. Previous problogging experience is a plus but not required.

We don’t have a tough publishing requirement, since we prefer better researched and well written authoritative posts than articles written under the pressure of deadlines. Because you will be a part of a community of bloggers, there is no pressure on any particular blogger to post often. Based on our bloggers' needs and habits, we will determine the best amount of bloggers that will give our site the best cycle of new posts.

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