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Paranoid, Privacy Loving Writers Sought

Privacy Matters Published: May 5, 2021
Work can be done remotely
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Are you a slightly paranoid sovereign citizen who may or may not have a stash of BTC ready for when SHTF?

Are you also experienced writer on the topics of privacy, cybersecurity, self-sovereignty and/or crypto?

If so, you this might be the perfect writing gig for you. Apply here or read on for more...

We are seeking writers for a fast growing YouTube brand who can write scripts on the above-mentioned topics that will then be turned into videos. Prior experience writing for YouTube is a plus but is not required.

Our brand is justifiably paranoid about the erosion of privacy in the modern world, and we want to educate as many people as possible about the steps they can take to protect themselves. We wear just a little bit of tin foil in our caps.

If selected, you'll receive a consistent volume of article orders starting with about one a week. This is an ongoing and very reliable job for those who prove to be reliable themselves.

This is also an opportunity to help craft a brand that is helping people to be more privacy aware and to better protect themselves from the many risks that arise from reckless gov printing of fiat currency and governmental overreach into the daily lives of citizens.

If interested, please fill out this form explaining your past experience writing on any of the topics above.

In the application form, you will be asked to input an easter egg. The correct answer to that easter egg is the name of a famous actor surrounded by quotation marks.

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