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Pipfin Published: February 23, 2013
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What is the Job?We are collecting a wide range of online open courseware for a site that will aggregate listings for students. We need 2-3 blurb writers who can read the subject of the open courseware, contextualize what the course is about, and uniquely write or re-write the courseware synopsis such that it is unique in 80-100 words.

Plagiarism is not accepted. Paraphrasing is not accepted.

What are the Requirements?
The applicant must have a gmail or related google apps account and must be proficient in using google docs: document and spreadsheet, the concept of sharing documents, and be able to commit to deadlines upon assignment.

How long?
This assignment will last up to 10 weeks but could be as short as 4 weeks. At times our data collectors will not be able to keep up with your pace of writing. We'll provide clear updates twice per week. Top performers will be offered additional opportunities for writing assignments. There will be a trial period of one week in which all hired writers will be paid for their work product, regardless of quality.

How much?
Writers will be paid based on the number of blurbs they can write: $0.50/blurb. You will be paid via paypal biweekly (weekly for first week then biweekly thereafter).

How long per blurb?
On average fast writers can complete a blurb in 2-3 minutes.

We are excited to get started and to build a partnership!

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