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Confidential Published: August 6, 2008
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We're launching a new online personal tech publication and seeking freelance writers, curators, and columnists with: an obsession for technology and a passion for sharing new information in an understandable way. Below are a few freelance position descriptions. Please email us, with a relevant cover letter, if you qualify.
A curator's primary task is to mold product pages from many separate data points, into a profile that describes a product, company, or tech industry term, both accurately and informatively. Curators oversee specific pages and continually build them out – managing promotion of specific stories to our homepage and other category landing pages.

Curators have a passion for technology – they are early adopters who aren't afraid of bugs, people who are deep in the web community and who enjoy helping share their love of technology with others. Curators are detail oriented, able to write in a neutral voice and are fluent in internet research. Professional writing / researching experience isn't required but it would be considered a plus.

We're seeking a diverse group of curators that could include college students and recent college grads. If you're looking for a break into online media, this could be it.

To apply for this freelance position, send a plaintext resume in an email, along with a list of your top five gadgets of all time, and the reasons why you like them. (NO ATTACHMENTS, PERIOD. Links to online resumes are fine.)

Writers are the primary news creators for our site, and often the first point of the editorial chain. Primarily, writers are responsible for creating \"posts\" – 100 to 300 words – on a variety of tech related topics. Writers will be contracted on a freelance basis and will be compensated for each completed post, on a topic assigned by a managing editor. Writers will also be required to bring original story ideas, on a regular basis, and should be comfortable in creating longer-form original columns, which will be compensated at an additional rate.

We're expecting our writers to exercise editorial discretion, inject opinion where appropriate and review products on occasion. Writers are required to be obsessed with technology and should have a firm grasp on the current state of the industry, with ideas toward how the industry is evolving. Writers need to possess the ability to follow editorial guidelines while maintaining a unique voice, and adhere to a strict set of ethical standards governing their posts, and sometimes write under extreme deadlines.

We like interacting with talented people. An important requirement is that freelancers have a passion for technology, consider themselves \"early adopters\" and people who enjoy sharing their passion for technology with others who aren't as technologically savvy. We need writers who can create posts with accuracy, concision and wit. Prior writing experience is NOT REQUIRED, but definitely a plus.

To apply, find three personal technology news items from around the web, write about them in a neutral voice (please, no opinion in these three posts,) keep them shorter than 200 words, and send them to us. (NO ATTACHMENTS. PERIOD.)

If you've written an opinionated column that's longer than 400 words you could send too, we'd love that.

Please also include a list of your top five gadgets of all-time, with reasoning to support your choices.

Columnists create long-form editorial content for our site as assigned by the managing editor. Columnists write on a diverse topic set, including but not limited to:

How-to articles
Industry pundit articles
Product reviews
Buying guides

Columnists are expected to thoroughly research their topics, and the scope of these feature articles is much greater than a regular news post. Columnists will also be expected to pitch their own articles, and produce content on a regular schedule. Prior professional writing experience isn't required, but is definitely a plus.

Columnists will be compensated based on experience. Columns will be of variable length and time commitment.

Please include a few examples of columns you've written – pertaining to personal technology. They can be either published or unpublished. Also, please include a list of your top five gadgets of all time with justification. (NO ATTACHMENTS. PERIOD.)

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