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Online Learning Writers (Tech Learning, Marketing, Languages, Platforms)

Venture 4th Media Published: October 29, 2018
Work can be done remotely
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Mid-sized Business


We are in need of a few high quality writers to craft an original content around online learning (in general), but ideally tied to personal strengths (e.g. language learning writer, programming, accounting, other skills, etc...).

Style of content ranges from reviewing specific courses to evaluating online learning platforms (Udemy, Coursera, etc..) and more general informational content about learning / skill development online.

If all goes well, this can be an ongoing (long term) engagement.

Initially we can do one trial project, with more to follow (up to 10-20 per month)!

For many products, we will be able to pay for / reimburse the cost of actually testing the service / tool / product.


  • Deep reviews on various online courses and learning platforms (think 4000+ word reviews and comparisons and guides)
  • Informational topics around learning (languages, tech, accounting, marketing, etc...)
  • Ideally passionate and knowledgeable about the space
  • Able to create rich content for WordPress CMS (tables, images, rich formatting)
  • able to do technical writing as well as descriptive writing
  • able to follow specific formatting instructions as needed
  • BONUS: Interest and ability to product live video screen recordings of tools and platforms for video distribution.
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