Online Community Manager (OCM)

Abraham Harrison LLC Published: June 5, 2007
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Job Responsibilities:
The Online Community Manager acts as the liaison between leading brands (Abraham Harrison Clients) and the communities/demographics that they seek to reach. Overall, the OCMs responsibilities are two pronged:

1. Community Outreach
* The Bottom Up Approach: develop and conduct grassroots campaigns by engaging everyday consumers within targeted demographics
* The Top Down Approach: Reach out to �taste-makers� in designated communities within the blogosphere and other large portals with relevant news and information
* The Experiential Approach: Disseminating marketing assets to Web 2.0 outlets including video sharing communities, Wikis, social media and gateway communities
2. Research and Reporting
* Assist with campaign development by providing insightful information about demographics and communities
* Collect, Analyze and Report key trends among online consumers within targeted demographics and communities. Reporting and analysis is as much quantitative as it is qualitative


1. Proven ability to conduct online research
2. Strong familiarity with the Internet, specifically the user generated features of the Internet including Online Video, Message Boards, Blogs, Site Portals and Search Engines. Ability to collect and analyze web trends is a must. The ideal candidate will have an exceptional knowledge of the activity and trends within key demographics (Gaming, Men�s Interest, Women�s Interest, Film/Entertainment, etc.)
3. Well Organized and Strong Attention to Detail
4. Knowledge of Microsoft Excel
5. Strong writing skills. This includes the ability to present data in an organized, intelligible manner as well as the ability to conduct outreach

Company Culture and Working Environment:

Abraham Harrison LLC is an Internet-focused company that works to take fullest advantage of the medium we work in to maximize the freedom, independence, and quality of life of our company's associates and partners. At present, our people span ten time zones and three continents, and as long as you work effectively, we are completely ambivalent about where you live and work. All work is done online, so of course we have no dress code, no office hours, and no boring meetings. We do as much of our work as possible via email and document sharing so that it can be done asynchronously at whatever time of day is best for you. We are a team of highly independent, self-motivated, self-managing experts in our fields and are looking for more people like us who love freedom and mobility, and see work as a satisfying augmentation to life and a way to fund one's existence - not as the primary meaning in one's life. All work is done on an hourly, per-project basis and associates have the right to choose whether or not to work on a particular offered project. We believe in transparency in our work, both within the company and in our communications towards our clients' audiences. We work to stay free of the ego and drama that taint so many a workplace, and focus on the strict discipline of extraordinary professionalism.
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