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Ongoing work for longform B2B/B2C articles (15¢/word)

Grow Atom Published: January 10, 2023
Work can be done remotely
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Update: We've received the applications we need to fill this position—thanks for your interest!


Hey there!

We're a growing content marketing agency looking to bring on new freelancers to expand our team.

We write long-form articles that help our clients rank #1 on Google for competitive topics in industries including consumer goods, technology, and marketing.

Right now we’re only looking for writers who can commit to at least one 2,000-word piece per week. :)

About the work

You’ll be responsible for creating content that’s the best on the internet for its given topic. This includes:

  • Following content briefs and client guidelines.
  • Finding high-quality research.
  • Optimizing the piece for SEO.
  • Revising your piece based on editor feedback.
  • Delivering each piece by its assigned deadline.

We only have two requirements: great writing skills, and the capacity to write at least one 2,000-word piece per week!

We don’t require a specific degree, X years of experience, or a resume/cover letter. :)

Some perks of working with us:

  • Ongoing work. Many freelancers on our team have been with us for years.
  • Reasonable deadlines. You’ll almost always have at least seven days to submit each piece.
  • Remote and flexible. Our team is international and you’ll work on your own schedule.
  • Fair rates. We pay twice per month and adjust wages for inflation each year.
  • Incentives. You’ll get quarterly bonuses as part of our profit-sharing program.
  • Also, we try to be a great place to work generally. :)

How to apply

Our process is simple:

  1. Please apply using the linked Google Form. We’ll reply to all messages!
  2. If your portfolio looks good, we'll assign a paid test piece (also at 15¢/word).
  3. For those we decide to move forward with, we’ll schedule a call and set you up for ongoing work.

For more details, see the Q&A below. If you have any additional questions not answered here, we have a space to ask them in the Google Form.

Looking forward to hearing from you!


  • What’s the payment structure? We pay a flat rate calculated at $0.15 USD per word. For example, we pay $300 for a 2,000-word article, even if the final draft is a little over or under the exact word count.
  • How do you pay? We prefer PayPal for the test piece, though if you need to use another method just let us know. For ongoing work and profit sharing bonuses, we prefer ACH bank deposit (no fees!) but can also use PayPal, Wise, and a few other platforms.
  • How often do you pay? We’ll pay immediately for the test piece. For ongoing work, we pay twice a month. Our quarterly profit-sharing is, well, quarterly. :D
  • Where do you hire from? Anywhere in the world except for Cuba, North Korea, Iran, Syria, and Sudan due to US embargoes. We're a US-based company, but most of our team is based around the world.
  • What capacity are you looking for? At least one long-form piece (~2,000 words) per week. If you want more work, just let us know. And of course we’re happy to accommodate travel, holidays and the like!
  • How much work is guaranteed? We can’t guarantee a certain number of pieces, but we expect to assign around one piece a week for most writers. Once we’ve filled our open positions we plan to bring on “overflow” writers to handle additional capacity as it comes up. If that’s the case, we’ll let you know.
  • What’s the typical turnaround time? We work really hard to assign pieces at least a week before they’re due (seven calendar days). It’s sometimes more than that, and on rare occasions may be slightly less.
  • Who owns the test article? All test pieces will be work-to-hire. In other words, we’ll legally own the piece and its exclusive publishing rights.
  • Are pieces ghostwritten? In general, yes. You’ll need to sign a non-disclosure agreement as part of our onboarding process. Unfortunately, that means you can’t include pieces you write for us in your portfolio. We don’t like that, but it’s necessary for client confidentiality.
  • How do you assign work? We prepare briefs for upcoming articles and assign them to writers best suited for the topic. Ideally, you’ll work with the same clients week-to-week.
  • What software do you use? Currently we use Google Workspace, Grammarly, Clearscope, Asana, Notion, and Slack. If you know these tools, great! If not, we’re happy to teach you.
  • What writing quality do you look for? Check out the posts on major sites like Zapier, Intuit, or WooCommerce. That'll give you a general idea of the quality we're looking for. (We've been published on each of those sites.)
  • What's the editing process? We have an editor review every piece before it goes live. We may send work back for revisions, but it happens relatively infrequently once you get the hang of things.
  • I’m [fill in the blank]. Will you still work with me? We work with great writers of all backgrounds! We don’t discriminate based on disability, race, color, national origin, genetics, religion, age, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, veteran status, or any other characteristic.
  • What can I do to stand out? Found the overachiever. ;) High-quality portfolio pieces, fast turnaround time on the test piece, and friendly and professional communication!

You can verify this job here: https://www.growatom.com/careers

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