Ongoing Work — $0.01 / Word

Blog Writing HQ Published: July 24, 2018
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To all our current team of writers: You're the backbone of our company. We literally couldn't grow, thrive, and succeed without you. You empower us, our clients, and our clients' clients by crafting 3,000 to 5,000 words a week for us. Wow! Thanks so much.

To any aspiring to join the team: Welcome.

We're growing the company and need additional support to fulfill orders. This is a great gig for entry-level writers wanting a steady stream of work.

What you want to know:

Pay is $0.01 per word, with a 50% raise after 3 months.

Articles are typically 500-1,000 words long.

Very basic, if any, research is required.

You'll work with an experienced editor to hone your skill.

We pay twice a month.

What we want to know:

Can you write about any topic? If not, what's your specialty?

How many words can you write per week?

Is English your native language?

What time zone are you in?

How would you describe your natural writing style? (E.g. Formal, business, conversational, laid back)

The Application Process:

Phase 1: Submit your application

Phase 2: Complete a (PAID) trial article in 24 hours

Phase 3: We'll select the TOP 7 writers for the team

Tips for applying online safely