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Writing In Published: February 24, 2018
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Writing in Darkness is a new website launching in late March or early April, centering on long-form articles that explore questions about the place and value of reading and writing in the modern world.

The site will explore questions about:

  • Careers and Business: The adventures of becoming a writer professionally; a look into the money that surrounds writing businesses; the harshness of surviving as a writer in the modern workplace; the future of writing as a lifestyle.
  • Education: The effect of teachers and the educational system on a student's outlook on writing and reading; how writing and reading are taught in schools from elementary to college; the place and future of the humanities and STEM's impact on language skills; the newest trends in pedagogy and classroom innovations.
  • Books and Literature: reviews of the newest and more underrated publications; revisiting the classics and the Western canon; theories and criticism on fiction and non-fiction writing; interviews and spots on new writers and their experiences.
  • Society and Community: the type of reading and writing that takes place on social media outlets; how authors and writers interact with each other and collaborate; the challenges and risks in pursuing large writing projects.
  • Just for Fun: parodies and satirical pieces; humorous stuff about words and text.

...among many other topics. We are open-minded and accepting of many perspectives, so don't feel as though this simple list covers everything we want to be about. If you have an interesting, creative idea you want to write about that addresses writing/reading in some way, possibly in a way we did not even anticipate, we want to hear from you.

Writing in Darkness looking for authors to contribute an article in preparation for its launch. We are geared purposefully towards newer writers, amateur writers, struggling writers, unheralded writers, students gaining an interest in writing, older veterans who want to jump into the game again, and so forth. Writing in Darkness will be writer-focused and writer-driven, and thus we want to empower smaller voices in the author community both in our hiring practices and in our content. No matter who you are or what your work history is like, if you feel you have a good piece to contribute we want to hear from you.

Writing in Darkness operates on a proposal system, where you submit a small abstract detailing what your potential article will be about (your thesis, essentially). You will also include interesting information about yourself and your work history. More details about the application process will be in "Application Instructions."

Who You Are:

  • You don't need any prior experience or the appropriate schooling to apply and have your pitch listened to.
  • You have an interest in the topics above and a creative way of approaching an important question about them.
  • You know the value and practice of fact-checking and good research.
  • You have an interest in the profession of writing, SEO, and social media marketing.
  • You have a computer with internet access; the job is totally remote, and there are no offices
  • You are nice to talk to.


If your proposal is accepted, you will be asked to submit a compensation proposal--a quick statement on what you believe you should be payed, based on experience, time needed to research and write the article, etc. Negotiations will take place from there; rest assured, they will be quick and painless. Writing in Darkness is about fairness and opportunity for writers, and we want to pay fair value for each of our authors. Payment is done in two installments: a down payment first upon agreement to terms of compesation, and a second payment for the rest of the agreed amount once the article is finished. Paypal is the heavily preferred method, but mailed checks can be arranged as well.

For any further questions, send an email the chief editor, Axel, at [email protected] .

Application Instructions

As stated earlier, Writing in Darkness works on a proposal system. To apply, submit a small abstract (150 - 300 words) of the article you want to contribute, followed by a short autobiography highlighting the most interesting parts about yourself as a writer and general person, along with your full name and contact information. If it applies, you should include a work history, educational history, any kind of communal or volunteer work you perform currently, and other things of that nature.

In short, when applying you must include:

  •  Your full name, phone number, and email address (any social media accounts you have may be included but are not required);
  • Your abstract, 150 - 300 words;
  • Your work and educational history;
  • Any interesting information about who you are as a person and author.

We want to emphasize that the articles and ideas are what's most important to us at Writing in Darkness; if you do not have much in the way of work and educational history, but you have a proposal worth listening to, we implore you to send an application.

All applicants will receive a notification through email if the proposal is declined, or further instructions if they are accepted. Some applicants may receive a phone call. Be prepared for either mode of contact.

You can apply through ProBlogger or send an email to [email protected] . If you are emailing your application, type "Article Proposal for Website Launch" in the subject line. If you would like to send an attachment of your proposal, it must be in Word, PDF, or rich text format.

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