Number of Niche Bloggers to Fill Numerous Openings, 70/30 Revenue Split

WebbleYou Blog Network Published: January 6, 2008
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The WebbleYou Blog Network, a growing network for independent authors, is seeking to fill a number of open positions on existing blogs. Topics include:* American Idol
* Consumer Digital Cameras
* Blogging for money
* Coffee
* Bed & Breakfasts

We are also accepting proposals for new blogs.

Why WebbleYou works for authors:

* We make money only when you make money. You keep 70% of the gross ad revenue from your site.

* All you do is write. The 30% of the revenue we keep covers all management, site administration, monetization, and hosting services for your site. Our expert support is available any time you need help.

* No minimums - you don't have to wait until your site has earned $100 to get paid. Ask for a report at any time, and we'll pay you your share of what your site has earned.


* Ability to post regularly

* No PayPerPost members - independent content only

* Valid PayPal or Amazon account to receive payment

* Previous blogging/writing experience (please provide links)

See full terms at