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Keyword Search Pros Published: October 4, 2012
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Looking for professional bloggers who currently write/own blogs on various subjects. We wish to take high quality and highly relevant content and use your services to post to these blogs you have access to currently. We are only requiring a posting service and a list of URLs which you would have access to do so.
Guest blog sites should have an adequate amount of traffic and social proof (blog comments, social shares, RSS readers, social followers, etc.).

Please list as many sites that you can post.write on and your Twitter handle. We're looking for sites that are in the business of putting out good content, not spammy SEO purposed content. If we find your blogs/sites to be of good quality, we will contact you for posting.

If you would like to write any pieces, please provide the topics in which you would like to write.
The different categories of blog subjects we are looking for are:

-Arts, Entertainment, Music
-Computers, Technology, Web Dev, Internet
-Home Improvement, Decor, Furniture, DIY
-Home and Family, PETS, Crafts
-Recreation, Sports
-Travel and Leisure
To recap:

- All links to guest blog post works you have access to
- Your Twitter handle
- Any headlines for potential topics


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