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Inquisitr Published: February 13, 2013
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Description is a leading News Aggregator and Original News publication that currently employs dozens of online writers.
Our platform currently reaches more than 14 million readers per month with nearly 20 million pageviews.

Inquisitr is a Google News, Yahoo News and Bing News included website.

We are currently seeking 10-20 new writers to join our rapidly growing team.

We offer fast promotion after the completion of our intern program.

This position starts with intern pay of $5 per article (300+ words per article). Authors are given 100 articles to write during their first month.

Promotions are given based on consistency of a writers work and their ability to attract pageviews (we provide you with the proprietary and basic knowledge tools needed to find trending and hot topic news). Also taken into consideration is a writers ability to evenly spread out their quota throughout the month. You must make quota to qualify for a full-time position.

Internships typically last 30-90 days depending on how quickly a writer learns our system.

Interns who are borderline for a full-time position will be bumped up in pay per article and the number of articles they can publish on a monthly basis (to further gauge their success).

We have a full-time hire rate for our interns of approximately 90%.

FULL-TIME PAY: $24,000 to $48,000 per year.

Many of our authors jump from Full-Time Stage One to other Full-Time stages very quickly.


1. WordPress Experience

2. Very basic photo editing (MS Paint or Mac Paint)

3. English as your FIRST LANGUAGE

4. Ability to work at a very quick pace.

5. Willing to post all of your stories to Google+, Twitter, Facebook Fan Page (we will help you set this up), and Pinterest.

6. Hard Working, not afraid to work at a very fast pace.

7. SEO. At least a basic understanding of how to write for the web. We fully encourage NATURAL LANGUAGE articles and we DO NOT write for search engines. However we also observe some best practices.

Please Note: No. 4 is very important, for aggregated news we don't simply rewrite articles, we find multiple sources and use information we find to create a more full picture of each news story we publish. Many of our writers also receive information directly from original subjects to incorporate into their posts. We also encourage high-speed news gathering for original news stories (about 15% of our sites articles are now original and that number is drastically increasing).

Training: We offer various pieces of guidance including an authors only web portal that provides videos, tips, tricks, etc. to help your writing. Most of our writers also engage with one another in a private Skype group we have created and through secret Facebook groups where we share story leads, offer social media help and share words of encouragement among our large and growing staff.

We pay via Paypal at the start of each month. Full-Time workers also have the option of Wire Transfer to save money on any fees and to save time.

If you have what it takes to write well though out, highly engaging news content please submit the required info to get started.

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