NestEggr Star – Financial Blogger Published: June 5, 2007
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NestEggr is a new generation personal finance website. Our aim is to build the most useful and trusted financial community website on the internet. We are looking for a few select 'Stars' who can partner with us as we build a great financial community. We believe in rewarding these key community members highly.We offer:

* Revenue share on all the pages belonging to the Star member.
* Marketing effort to drive traffic to all the Stars' content pages.
* Cash Bonuses tied into various community building activities.

These rewards are meant for 'Stars' among community members and not everyone. We are looking for seasoned, respected, exceptional community members with solid background in the financial arena and blogging cred.


* you must be blogging Financial Topics for more than 6 months consistently.
* Topics can be stocks, markets, personal finance, credit management, networth goals, basically anything financial.
* you must be able to express yourself articulately and rationally.
* you must be able to produce original editorial content, consistently.
* You must blog frequently (>3 times a week). Exceptions can be made for bloggers who tend to write detailed well written articles

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