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Need Niche Writers: Business Insurance, Law, Physical Asset Management and App/Web Development

Point Visible Published: February 23, 2021
Work can be done remotely
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We need to bring our clients closer to their audience and we need YOUR HELP!

Feel free to apply with your own bid but keep in mind this is an ongoing type of deal:

1)A native English writer with extensive experience in the space of physical asset management!
We are looking for writers that can provide actionable insights and that is why we look for someone that has personal experience (be it that this is your job, e.g. you are an engineer or a facility/maintenance manager) or that you have written extensively on the areas we are going to list.

The main areas that the articles are going to cover are CMMS, maintenance strategies and maintenance management in general, equipment reliability, fleet and facilities management, topics at the intersection of maintenance and manufacturing/construction industries.
Here are some examples of possible topics:

  • How To Manage The Main Drivers Of Overtime In Maintenance Management
  • X Spare Parts Vendor Management Tips For Savvy Maintenance Managers
  • Understanding The Lifecycle Of Construction Equipment
  • 3 Ways In Which Organizations Can Manage Their MRO Inventory
  • X Ways To Use CMMS To Improve Plant Safety
2) A detail-oriented native English writer that can cover topics at the intersection of app/web development!
An ideal writer for this is someone with hands-on experience in app/web development, be it as a programmer, designer, or project manager. The content itself will not be highly technical as it will be oriented towards high-level decision makers like CEOs, CIOs, CFOs, digital transformation managers, and similar.
The topics we plan to cover will discuss different aspects of digitalization of business processes, outsourcing app/web development, benefits and uses of mobile technology, and similar.
Here are some examples of possible topics:
  • X Mistakes That Can Significantly Prolong App Development Process
  • The Role Of Mobile Technology In Digital Transformation
  • How To Track The Progress Of Outsourced Software Development Project
  • How To Walk The Line Between UI/UX Design And CRO Optimization
3) A detail-oriented native English writer with work experience in the business insurance field!
An ideal writer for this is someone with hands-on experience in business insurance/risk management, be it as an actuary, claim adjuster, or sales agent. The content itself has to be highly technical and educational as it will be oriented towards high-level decision makers like CEOs, CIOs, CFOs, small businesses, etc.
The topics we plan to cover will discuss different aspects of business insurance and risk management with up to date information!!
Here are some examples of possible topics:
  • Everything you need to know about general contractor's insurance to get fully protected - 2021 edition
  • Don't Learn On Your Own Mistakes - 20 Questions and Answers Covid-19 Pandemic Taught Us About Restaurant Insurance
  • All The Hows And Whys Of Getting A Handyman Insurance
  • Comprehensive Insurance 101: Everything You Can Do After A Car Crash To Get Covered

4) A detailed-oriented native English writer with a background and experience in the field of law
An ideal writer for this is someone with hands-on experience as well as writing experience in the law niche. Topics will cover aspects like managing a law practice, case management tips, trial preparations, skills that lawyers/paralegals should acquire, and so on.

We expect high-quality, up-to-date articles - If you think you're a good candidate for us, please send 2-3 writing examples in the niche


Few Important Notes: 

  • We will NOT accept poorly written filler content. The content must be informative and provide real value to the reader. That's why applicants who have working experience in the field get the upper hand!
  • Since the articles will be posted on authoritative sites, the content must be research-backed (with proper sourcing and fact-checking), but also engaging for readers, written in an approachable tone that invites them to act.
  • Most of the content written will be used for guest posting, so the value is placed on the quality of the content rather than on mindless SEO optimization.

IMPORTANT AND REQUIRED: Provide 2 or 3 examples of your previous work IN THIS/SIMILAR NICHE - We have to see how you breathe and express yourself, and are not interested in examples of random travel or marketing posts.

If you perform exceptionally well, additional bonuses and raises may apply.


This is a long term opportunity, so you may expect a constant stream of work.

We try our best to make it all too easy for you, that’s why our milestones come with detailed writing guidelines and defined formatting.

Feel like you’re the person for the job? Please send your bids to the recruiter:

PHYSICAL ASSET MANAGEMENT: Dario at [email protected]

APP/WEB DEVELOPMENT: Nikola at [email protected]

BUSINESS INSURANCE/RISK MANAGEMENT: Katarina at [email protected]

LAW: Petra at [email protected]

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