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Natural Health Blogger with Marketing Skills

Organic Lifestyle Magazine Published: January 11, 2017
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We need writers who understand natural health and can help market their posts.

For instructions and to submit an article go here:


Our revenue comes from Organic Lifestyle Magzine (OLM) marketing for Green Lifestyle Market (GLM) products. GLM sells supplements mostly, but we also have salt lamps, diatomaceous earth, Morrocco Method Hair Care, mattressesand we’re going to bring on a lot more products.

We offer a six-month guarantee on everything we sell - buyers can return (even an empty bottle) for any reason and get a full refund. I want you to know, as a writer helping to promote what we do, how seriously we take customer service and customer satisfaction. We make some pretty bold claims, but people are getting well and that's my passion.  We take good care of our customers.

Writers write articles that sell supplements or other GLM products, or, articles that will refer readers to our "foundational articles." Here is a list:  olmag.co/foundational-articles

The more articles that make us money, the more we can add new products to the store so writers can then start writing about everything from solar panels to hydroponics. We're working hard on this.

But right now, health articles are most beneficial to us. If it mentions topics that can address readers to any one of these articles here olmag.co/foundational-articles or https://goo.gl/Sgo7SC or https://goo.gl/4vOGgB I can sell products (and help get people well).

Feel free to “think outside the box.” And most importantly, please share your articles when you get them published. We can even work on a time that best suits you for articles so you know when they’re getting published. 

If you understand natural health, write at a professional level, and know how to market your work, we want to pay you very well.

For instructions and to submit an article go here:


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