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The Inquisitr Published: July 10, 2009
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The Inquisitr is looking for five bloggers to fill our newly created Associate Blogger positions.
As an Associate Blogger your posting requirements will be less than our current writers, and you will support our team in creating interesting content that compliments our core product. In return you’ll gain experience writing for a fast growing large blog and hopefully have some fun while earning money as well.

As an Associate Blogger you will be required to source posts, edit your own work, and post without review. You should have an eye for content that is interesting, the ability to engage our readers, and a fairly decent sense of humor. We will help guide you on ways to find content, what content works, and the best ways to present it.

These part time positions are ideally suited to blog network writers who need an additional income, writers working for existing content networks on a revenue share model who aren’t getting anywhere near what they thought they might get (so most of you), or bloggers who are looking for experience at the next level and are looking for a stepping stone towards turning blogging into a career, or something that is more than a hobby.

Some of our guest bloggers and regulars in the past have gone on to higher paying gigs or started their own sites, and certainly if you work well in the position we’d more than happily provide references if you ever wanted to move on (plus you’ll have work published on a major site and the experience behind you.) Given the success of your contributions over time and as we continue to grow, opportunities may also arise for Associate Bloggers to be upgraded to a standard blogger position.

While we will consider all applications, these positions are not ideal for professional or highly experienced writers who expect high compensation. These positions are similar to internship positions or entry level positions to some degree.

All positions have a starting rate of US $300/ mth paid via Paypal only, with payments paid on the 5th or 6th day of the month following. Note all positions are offered on a month to month “casual” basis and can be terminated without notice (although you’ll always be paid up to that point.)

On guidelines please note that post rate specs are a minimum standard. If we were to say 2-3 posts a day, and you wrote 2 posts every day, we wouldn’t be very pleased. But if you did a week like 2, 3, 2, 2-3, 3...that would be ok, and of course you’re always welcome to do more. All posts must be a minimum of 3 paragraphs (approx 150 words min) in length unless otherwise noted, and must include an image.

The application details follow the position descriptions. Please read them carefully.

Gadget Blogger

Posts: 2-3 posts, five days a week

As The Inquisitr’s Associate Gadget Blogger you will be expected to produce 2-3 gadget related posts a day. These posts should cover the full range of gadgets, from mobile phones through to quirky stuff.

Gaming Blogger

Posts: 2-3 posts, five days a week

Ideally you’ll be a gamer yourself and love the latest news in the industry. As The Inquisitr’s Associate Gaming Blogger you’ll be expected to write about gaming industry news and new/ upcoming releases.

Sports Blogger

Posts: 2-3 posts, five days a week

As The Inquisitr’s Associate sport blogger you’ll be supporting our lead Sports Blogger in covering US sports news, with a focus on major event results, industry news (example: basketball trades) and sports gossip.

Funny Pics Blogger

Posts: 6 posts a day, five days a week (occasional pre-post for weekends)

The post quantity may seem high compared to the others, but this is the job I would happily do myself if I had the time each day because it’s one of my favorites. As our Associate Funny Pics Blogger you’ll be required to post (as the name suggests) funny pics to our sub blog Inquisitr Extra. Each post needs a catchy title and maybe a one paragraph/ one line blurb under each describing what it is...but that’s it. Pics fall into categories including Engrish, LolCats, Demotivational and more. If you love funny pics and look at them regularly anyway, this position will simply give you an excuse to look at more and get paid for it :-)

Travel Blogger

Posts: 1-2 posts five days a week (see notes)

As The Inquisitr’s Associate Travel Blogger you will be required to post travel reviews, travel tips, and interesting travel related news. The post volume required in this position is less than the other spots as we are specifically looking for quality and length. While some posts may be down towards 150 words (general travel news) we’d expect your travel review posts or tips posts to be substantially longer (we can work with the number though.)

About The Inquisitr

Founded in May 2008 by Blog Herald founder and b5media co-founder Duncan Riley, The Inquisitr covers a range of topics including tech, news, sport, entertainment and odd/ funny stories. The site has have averaged 2-3 million page views a month for the last 6 months, and is set to break 3 million page views in July. We’re ranked in the Top 200 blogs according to Technorati, Top 8100 sites (and climbing) online according to Alexa, and are ranked in the top 1500 sites online according to Quantcast.
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