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MLM & online business reviews

Authority Published: November 12, 2018
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These reviews will be in-depth, detailed, well-researched, 2,000 words each, and also FUN TO READ

(not basic)

The right candidate lives and breathes network marketing, natural health, natural skin care, organics, the healthcare industry, herbs & remedies -- & has an "ear" for the MLM / network marketing culture...

(yes, i am looking at you, UTAH bloggers)

Each article will go into detail of the top products for over 100 MLM companies like Doterra, Scentsy, Jeunesse, etc as well as USEFULLY covering their compensation plans for making money. Each article will also have a helpful FAQ section -

The macro objective is to create the most USEFUL MLM content in the industry -- since most "reviews" are super, super basic

This project has over 100 articles, and ideally would like to pace one article per day.

If you're an *EXPERT* and have extensive first-hand knowledge of a particular companies and only want to cover that particular company - that is fine, too. Email me and list the companies you would like to cover

$100 per article


Email: [email protected]

Subject line: MLM writer

In 2-3 sentences or less, tell me about your MLM experience and a few published links (or documents) to your best work

Important: I don't care about resumes -- just follow the above instructions

Thanks for reading my post y'all

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