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Confidential Published: October 11, 2012
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Men's Lifestyle Blog Seeking Contributors for Several Topics
An established online men's lifestyle magazine with over 1.2 million pageviews a month is looking for writers in the areas of self-development, affordable style, personal finance, career development, gear, etiquette and life skills, and modern relationships.

Our site focuses on guys in their twenties who are trying to get their feet on the ground. It's an important and trying time in a guy's life and we feature entertaining and useful content for the common situations he'll find himself in.

Features are 800-1,500 words. We also have shorter magazine-style blips that are only 100-300 words for things such as small product reviews or bringing general attention to something.

We pay on a flat-fee basis, with features usually offering $25-$75 depending on length, work required, and experience. There's also an opportunity for sponsored posts when they come up, these usually offer $100-$250 per piece. The shorter blips are $10 per piece.

Talented writers who can speak intelligently while being entertaining, and who can do research or find original sources when needed.

Style: Affordable style is very popular with our readers because we not only explain the basics of how clothes should fit, but provide realistic options. Think $60 dress shoes and $200 suits, instead of the aspirational nature of GQ or Esquire. Tips, tricks, and standards for dressing better on a grad's budget.

Self-development: Coming out of school many men still feel like teenagers rather than the adults they're expected to be. These features discuss principles and actionable ideas on bettering yourself and becoming the person you want to be.

Personal Finance: A surprising topic not included in most high schools or colleges. How much should I be saving? What's a 401(k)? How do I even think about buying a house?

Etiquette & Life Skills: Just got invited to your boss's house for dinner, great! Except…what do I wear? Do I bring something? Do I put my plate in the sink when I'm done? A real-world version of the civility training spies go through in movies.

Modern Relationships: No time is more important for a man's relationships than his 20's. He'll likely meet his spouse and get married in the 10 years after college, which is a far cry from the focus on random hook-ups in most men's media. How to maintain your first long-term relationship, where to meet people after graduation, what do to when your careers stand in the way, etc.

Gear: Affordable, useful gadgets and accessories.
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