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Men’s Dating Advice author

TSB Magazine LLC Published: October 11, 2017
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We're looking to hire an author that can write men’s dating advice for our company which includes several websites, ebooks, and a newsletter list of over 200,000 men.

Ideally we want someone who can grow with us and become responsible for more and more writing assignments within our company.

****Please read everything before applying.

1. We are NOT looking for someone to write generic advice, we are looking for someone who has a genuine interest in the topic and has spent some time studying or has actual experience in the current dating scene to share.

2. The type of articles we publish are NOT always politically correct. We tend to publish more controversial type articles focusing on the “games” men play to meet and attract women.

3. Authors well versed in Tinder and dating apps are a plus.

4. Authors that have a strong opinion on men’s struggles in the current dating environment is also a plus.

5. Ideally we are looking for someone that is willing to write both:

a. As a ghost writer

b. As yourself to get your name out  (if you rather use pen name that is fine)

6. Good writers who match our style and voice will have LOTS of opportunity for more advanced assignments including ebooks, newsletters, ect.

7. IMPORTANT: If you apply please link to an article you’ve written on the topic. If you haven’t been published, please put your sample article on a wordpress blog, Tumbler, Medium or any other site that allows you to upload an article,  and link to it.

8. ****We will NOT review articles submitted via word document.

9. Author must be comfortable using wordpress and formatting their own articles for publication.

10. **** If there is no sample article we will not review application.

11. Author must know how to create ‘clickable headlines” examples:

- She Turned Her Cheek When You Kissed Her (What It Really Means)
- Does She Want You or Not? (Here’s How to Tell What a Woman is Thinking)

11. Application should include

a.  subject line:  Men's Dating Author Application LINK included
b. name and email
c. one paragraph on why you are a good fit
d. links to least one sample article (more the better)

email application to:  [email protected]

12. Compensation is .025 per word, roughly $30 per 1000 words. However, there will definitely be room to increase for authors who are capable of also writing ghost articles in the voice of Bobby Rio (dating coach).

13. Copywriting knowledge and skill a plus and will open even more opportunities for higher paying gigs.

Sorry if the listing is abrupt we just want to discourage anyone from wasting their time applying if they are not a good fit.

Thank you.

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