Post a job now for 30 days, only $70 – Hiring 3 Writers – 100+ Articles Published: March 13, 2019
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We Are Hiring 3 Writers

Our website is - we are currently in process of redeveloping the website.

We are looking for a long-term and ongoing relationship, starting with 100 articles.

Please respond to the tasks and questions below. The more detailed you are, the better chance you have of getting the job.

1. What is your price per word?

2. Create 3 headlines that you think would work well for (1 product review, 1 guest post, 1 content piece)

3. What tools do you use for keyword research and how do you use these tools?

4. Are you familiar with pillar content and topic clusters? If so, please explain how you have done this before.

5. How many articles can you produce (~1500 words) per month?

6. Are you familiar with posting your blogs on WordPress and internal linking?

7. Please send links to your previous work.

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