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Marketing & SaaS Writers [Full-Time and Freelance]

Codeless Published: January 14, 2019
Work can be done remotely
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We need awesome marketing and SaaS writers ASAP.

Experience isn’t a deal killer necessarily. However, your content samples should be long (2k+ words), in-depth (10+ stats per article) and instructive (original screenshots).

Here are the details.

Why work with us?

  1. We work with the best clients in the industry. Seriously. And if they aren’t, we’ll fire them. :) Because life’s too short to do soul-sucking work with soul-sucking people. We want to produce the best content imaginable for the best sites and the best people in the space. The plus side is that you get access to smart, low maintenance clients that’ll blow up that limp portfolio.
  2. You will become a MUCH better writer in a very short amount of time. Why? Because you’ll write and write and write. We’ll give you the processes, tools, support, training, and feedback to learn how to write more in less time. You’ll go from one article in eight hours to one in four. You do the math on that hourly rate.
  3. You’ll have the freedom of being a freelance writer, like unlimited vacation, work your own hours, work with top-tier clients, eventually getting handed your own top-tier bylines, etc. Except, you won’t have to deal with all the headaches, like email, meetings, client management, billing, self-promotion, and more.
  4. We’re 100% remote. So it doesn’t matter where you live or what hours you work. Our clients are spread across North America, Europe, and Australia. So we’re set-up to work across time zones, without requiring anyone to virtually punch a clock.
  5. We always have extra work to go around. And we’ll pay you for content above and beyond your normal capacity. So in addition to the normal pay hikes as you get better (see below), we’ll always have extra work you can take on if you’re interested in working overtime.

Why you shouldn’t work with us?

  1. If you’re a ‘writer’ who doesn’t like to write, this position won’t work well for you. The good news is that we’ll strip away all of the other BS that distracts you from writing. But on the flip side, we expect ~6-8 long-form articles each week on average for full-time people. Typically, that means you’re putting in a solid 6-8 hours a day (half is usually research, the other half writing). No nights or weekends expected (unless that’s when you like doing your thing).
  2. You’ll write a lot, sure. But to be honest, most of that time should be spent researching. Because there’s a huge difference in writing about truck tires for a generic audience and writing about Facebook ads to an audience of Facebook advertising experts. So you can’t just make $#!^ up. You’ll need to leverage examples, quotes, stats, and screenshots to justify your claims. We’ll show you how to find all of these things, faster and easier, so that your actual time spent writing drops like a rock. Again, you’ll just have to be ready to do the work.
  3. No, we won’t pay you $500+ per post to begin. For a number of reasons, but mostly, you won’t be worth $500+ per post in the early goings for what we're looking for. (Harsh, I know.) But we can start you at $5k per month if you’re good. And lots more, as you begin mastering client style guides, requiring less oversight from our team of editors. We don’t care if you’re 19 or 59. We want quality and will give you all the work and money available if you can deliver it.
  4. We’re process-based. That means we have resources and checklists we want you to follow so that you can increase consistency and cut down on the time it takes to create an article. ‘Creatives’ might not like this disciplined approach. But we guarantee your ability to produce high-quality content will skyrocket within the first few months.
  5. We’re super friendly. We want to support you and do anything possible to help you get better. But we can’t babysit and won’t BS you. If something’s not good, we’ll let you know. Nicely, but firmly. We’re all trying to get better on a daily basis. And that requires constant feedback from other people so that we can all improve.

Interested? Please apply here: https://getcodeless.com/writer/

We’ll get in touch ASAP (today or tomorrow) if you look like a good fit

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