Marketing Manager

Ultimate Bundles Marketing Published: February 14, 2017
Work can be done remotely
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Small Business


The Marketing Manager (MM) 

  1. crafts high-performance marketing campaigns for each sales event
  2. learns and shares current marketing best practices with our affiliates

This is a full time position.  The MM must be willing to have his/her schedule ebb and flow with the promotional calendar.  This means there are seasons of more intense work, including occasional evenings and weekends during product launches.  (Note: This is balanced by lighter weeks following intense periods.)


The Marketing Manager will be responsible to:

  • Aggressively build our internal marketing channels (Email Lists, Social Media, Etc.)
  • Leverage our internal marketing channels to increase overall sales
  • Increase external sales by equipping our 3,500+ affiliates with product launch and marketing best practices
  • Create, communicate, and execute a clear marketing plan at the macro (12 months+) and micro (for each sales event) levels.
  • Write and oversee the writing of clear and compelling sales copy, based on the StoryBrand methodology to be used on websites and sales emails.
  • Oversee a small team and provide leadership to achieving team and corporate goals
  • Oversee brand transition and new corporate website design

Success Definition

Success in the position of Marketing Coordinator will be measured by:

  • Increase in both internal and affiliate sales
  • Aggressive growth of email lists and social media and other marketing platforms
  • Ability to lead and grow a succesful marketing team
  • Ability to create, communicate, and execute on a written plan

Compatible Characteristics

 The right candidate:
  • Enjoys BIG goals and tackling challenges head on
  • Sees opportunities where others see challenges
  • Takes immense pride in their work, but doesn’t have a huge ego.
  • Loves drawing the best out of themselves and others
  • Is committed first and foremost to the success of the team
 The right candidate will have:
  • demonstrated success in online marketing, especially of digital products
  • written winning copywriting in both websites and emails
  • A deep understanding of affiliate marketing, and the product launch business model
  • strong leadership experience
  • email and social media list building experience


We pay highly competitive salaries (plus bonuses), based on experience and capabilities, to be discussed and decided in person.