Marketing assistant and copywriter – humanities majors welcome

TESMO, LLC Published: September 5, 2018
Torrance, CA
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We’re an eCommerce company that’s been in business for over 10 years. We began as a consulting services company selling a marketing data platform to online retailers, and then entered into online retail ourselves several years later.

We currently work with a number of major consumer products brands to support their digital marketing, and are focused on growing our own in-house natural sports nutrition and pet supplement brands.

As for the team, we’re a rapidly evolving group of talented people who value the heck out of our employees, and understand your key importance to our growth and continued success.

We’re the right work environment if you’re smart, responsible, hard-working, want a workplace that values you and gives you (way) more responsibility than your experience warrants, and want to develop your skills.

The culture here is inclusive, and generally pretty heavy on geek. Passions range from:

Board games (Catan, Small World, Betrayal etc.), eSports (some are huge fans of Blizzard), comics, cool and interesting documentaries, Star Wars, Star Trek, LOTR, Harry Potter, anime, manga, nerd culture, Dr. Who, etc. Nearly everyone can give a proper answer to: “Who’d should win in this Epic Rap Battle: Gandalf or Dumbledore.” And, nearly everyone loves to travel!

Everyone is serious about their work and works hard while at the same time having a good time.

There is opportunity for growth and advancement over time.


Your Skills

This is an entry level or early career position, we’re not expecting someone with years of related experience and a deep portfolio. We ARE looking for someone with the right skills and interests who’s eager, hard-working, and wants to dive in and learn.

We will be investing heavily in your training from day one.

That said, here’s what we need for you to bring to the table:

  • Copywriting skills – whether you were editor of your college newspaper, write your own blog, or have experience selling through words, you need to have a body of work that demonstrates your ability to communicate and think effectively in writing. You are at heart a writer and communicator. We’ll want to see examples of articles, blogs, marketing pieces that you’ve written.
  • Critical thinking and analytical skills – you need to be able to think analytically, and problem solve. We don’t need a yes person, we need someone who thinks about their work, can self-prioritize, and can argue for what they believe in based on facts and data. Ideally you have the ability to identify trends and adjust strategy using analytical and quantitative problem-solving.
  • Social media – the work you’re responsible for will be largely (although not exclusively) published on Facebook and on Instagram. You need to be a digital native, and comfortable with social media in all its permutations, but Facebook and Instagram in particular.
  • Detail oriented - you won’t tolerate bad grammar, misspellings, and worse in your work, or in the work of others. If there are mispellings in this job posting, they bother you. You’re committed to only producing quality content you and the team will be proud of.
  • Able to manage multiple projects and priorities - you’ll be constantly asked to work on new projects, one-offs, and other items. You’ll need to be able to roll with it, and create a system for making sure everything gets done, and ensure projects don’t fall through the cracks.
  • Committed to playing well with others, and working collaboratively to achieve goals - we highly prioritize teamwork and collaboration here, if that’s not your thing, please find a work environment that will appreciate your Machiavellian tendencies.


Job Responsibilities to Include:

This is a lot, we’ll grow you and your position step by step over time.

  • Assisting in ideation, planning, and execution of the editorial and content marketing calendar that attracts and appeals to the organization’s various customer avatars.
  • Coordinating all digital and print content for ours, and client brands. You will produce written content yourself, also manage and edit the content of others (writers, graphic designers, videographers, etc.) This content includes: ads, emails, blogs, web pages, white papers, and other written assets.
  • Ensuring consistency in tone, style, accuracy, and formatting of all content produced for our brands. Define, create, and uphold style guides for all brands – either ours, or our clients’. Ensure content you or contractors produce is on brand and publication-ready.
  • Creating standard operating procedures (SOPs) for the planning, execution, optimization, distribution, and amplification of all content.
  • Monitoring and reporting on content marketing metrics and KPIs.
  • Checking accuracy of facts, dates, names, captions, statistics, etc. located in all content.
  • Identifying successful content and mapping out new ways to repurpose (i.e. a blog post into a YouTube video) to amplify the organization’s message.
  • Creating copy, engaging headlines and subheads, proofreading, and deep line editing for spelling, grammar, and brand consistency.
  • Developing marketing campaigns that lead customers through the purchase funnel: turn strangers into friends into customers into raving fans.
  • Doing anything & everything necessary to ensure the successful development and implementation of our marketing campaigns, and working hard to continuously learn and improve our process.
  • Constantly learning anything and everything related to your work. Devouring blogs, articles, and books about copywriting, Facebook ads, online marketing, and more.
  • Various other. We’re a small team, and we oftentimes work together on a variety of projects.


Ideal Candidate:

  • B.A/ B.S required. New grads are welcome to apply. Humanities majors (English, Philosophy, Sociology, Anthropology, etc) are very welcome.
  • A self-starter who’s demonstrated the ability to work independently and make things happen. Whether during or after school, you’ve done interesting things, visited interesting places, made interesting things happen.
  • A challenger of ideas with a demonstrated independent streak. We’re not looking for a conformist, we’re looking for someone to initiate, have opinions, and argue for them. At the same time, you need to be able to come together and work with the team and get your ego out of the way at the end. You know the important thing is brand and marketing success, not whether or not your particular idea wins any given round.
  • A positive attitude and great sense of humor. Life is short, we should enjoy it.
  • A genuine commitment to other people, and to the success of the organization.
  • A commitment to learning and personal growth, developing your own skillset over time. Many people here are autodidacts, and love to continuously learn.



$18 - $22/ hour

Health coverage, PTO

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