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BIM Published: November 21, 2006
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We require a managing editor to manage two popular movie and gadget related blogs. The editor will be required to:
1. Post two to three post on each blog everyday about 2-3 paras long.
2. Find the stories to blog about (we want the latest news on movies and gadgets as soon as they come out in the media)
3. Manage other bloggers work, find stories for other bloggers to do.
4. Pay bloggers on weekly basis.
5. Update existing entries and active particpate in comment s.
6. Form relations with other blogs.
7. Get products to review.
8 Perfect time to work would be between 6am and 10am USA time, about 4 to 5 hours a day. You don't have to be from USA it is just these times are important blogging times for us.
9. Help Make the blogs really appealing to readers.

Basically a right hand man.

Someone like Brain Liam from Gizmodo, Ryan Block and Paul Miller of Engadget or John Biggs from Crunchgear,

Someone with blog editorial experience required.

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