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DMGM Published: August 17, 2016
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Authoritative tech blog is looking for a SEO Savvy, Dynamic and knowledgable Managing Editor to join the team.
This individual needs to be responsible, experienced and ability to work within a team as well as with minimum supervision.

Responsibilities and duties include but not limited to;


Proofread, fact-check and edit articles.
Get ready, review and publish one article a day.
Researching topics, content and blog posts.
Check and moderate comments.
Managing social media channels and plan ahead.
Making sure static content on sites are up to date and creating it when necessary.


Good knowledge of Content SEO and understanding of other SEO methodologies.
Ensure correct SEO, metadata and formatting have been applied to published content on all sites.
Add / Update / Change the documentation to reflect changes in our system, publishing guidelines and etc.


Schedule, Publish and manage the pieces on editorial calendar
Accountable for finding new contributors and member for the Editorial team.
Manage the Editorial team and plan content management and introduce new content strategies.
The individual needs to work with us and the rest of the Editor
Check writers’ performance, keep notes, provide feedback and hold weekly meetings with international al writers as necessary.

TECHNICAL & Analytical

Good knowledge of WordPress platform and most popular technologies.
Tech / Computer literate
Using GA and other analytical tools to measure and make decisions on content strategy.
Work with us to find new strategies
Help managing affiliate programs.
Tips for applying online safely

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