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Looking for writers: please see job ad for details!

Point Visible Published: November 19, 2021
Work can be done remotely
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We need to bring our clients closer to their audience and we need YOUR HELP!

Feel free to apply with your own bid but keep in mind this is an ongoing type of deal:

1 - A native English writer with extensive experience in the space of physical asset management!

We are looking for writers that can provide actionable insights and that is why we are looking for someone that has personal experience (be it that this is your job, e.g. you are an engineer or a facility/maintenance manager) or that you have written extensively on the areas we are going to list.

The main areas that the articles are going to cover are CMMS, maintenance strategies and maintenance management in general, equipment reliability, fleet and facilities management, topics at the intersection of maintenance and manufacturing/construction industries.

Examples of possible topics:

  • Importance Of Cross-Functional Teams While Switching To A Smart Factory
  • Ways To Fuse The Power Of People & Technology To Sustain Competitiveness in Manufacturing
  • Drivers Of Digitizing Manufacturing And Technologies Needed To Usher In The New Era Of Manufacturing
  • Plant Managers Guide To Asset Tracking In The Digital Manufacturing Setting
  • The Role Of IoT And Industry 4.0 In Creating Digital Factories Of Tomorrow

2 - A detail-oriented, native English writer with experience in Workforce Management and HR!

A detail-oriented, native English writer with experience writing about managing your workforce (shift scheduling, time & attendance tracking, measuring employee productivity, talent management tips...) across different industries (hospitality, retail, healthcare).  We will also need content that revolves around Leadership & Development, and Human Resources. We're looking for someone that has experience in this area. Working experience is a big plus, but feel free to apply if you only have experience in covering this sector as a writer.

Examples of possible topics:

  • How To Develop Fluid Roles In Your Business Organization
  • The Best Practices Of Resource Management In Nursing
  • The Importance Of Good Relationships Between Construction Manager and Their Team
  • Tips For Improving Hotel Staff Productivity
  • How To Retain Delivery And Warehouse Workers In 2020

3 - Writer with experience as a mechanical engineer (Knowledge of Valves and Fluids is crucial)

The writer needs to be comfortable covering topics related to industrial valve applications (check valves, butterfly valves, gate valves), flow control systems for all types of fluids, doing research on different materials and their suitability in those applications, use of valves in equipment etc.

We need someone who'll know which technical terms to use, and who will write quality articles - this content will be focused on industrial application and not your regular house plumbing problems.

When applying, mention the niches you feel most comfortable writing about and provide some examples of your previous work in these - no samples, no hire. You don't have to be able to cover everything mentioned to apply. Send us samples in the niches you’re applying for.

Examples of possible topics:

  • Leakage Classes Explained - Soft Vs. Metal Valve Seat Comparison
  • What To Look Out For In Valve Selection For Tight Shut-off Applications
  • Highly Corrosive Fluids - Their Effects On Your Check Valves And Disasters You Can Avoid
  • The Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Always Choose A Cheaper Valve
  • Fugitive Emissions Bonnet - Why Do We Use Them?

4 - A native (or bilingual) English writer with extensive experience in the industry sector (see description)

We will need articles about the following: Automated Guided Vehicle Systems and AMR Robots (usage, types, best practices, maintenance KPIs, management tips, material handling, automation, the technology used in plants warehouses, etc), as well as general industrial topics that are relevant for business owners, owners of plants, warehouses, and factories. That’s why the articles need to be in-depth - the author must be able to speak from deep professional experience in the industry.

Examples of possible topics:

  • A Brief History And Evolution Of Automated Guided Vehicle Systems
  • How To Reduce The Operational Costs Of Material Handling On The Plant/Warehouse/Factory Floor
  • The Benefits of Digitizing Logistics and Material Handling in Warehouse Management - Tips For Optimizing Plant/Warehouse Logistics Management
  • How To Reduce The Operational Costs Of Material Handling On The Plant/Warehouse/Factory Floor
  • The X Benefits of Digitizing Logistics and Material Handling in Warehouse Management


We will NOT accept poorly written, filler content. The content must be informative and provide real value to the reader. That's why applicants who have working experience in the field get the upper hand!

Since the articles will be posted on authoritative sites, the content must be research-backed (with proper sourcing and fact-checking), but also engaging for readers, written in an approachable tone that invites them to act.

Most of the content written will be used for guest posting, so the value is placed on the quality of the content rather than on mindless SEO optimization.

IMPORTANT AND REQUIRED: Provide 2 or 3 examples of your previous work IN THIS/SIMILAR NICHE - We have to see how you handle the topic and express yourself, and we are not interested in examples of random travel or marketing posts.

If you perform exceptionally well, additional bonuses and raises may apply. This is a long term opportunity, so you may expect a constant stream of work. We try our best to make it all too easy for you, that’s why our milestones come with detailed writing guidelines and defined formatting.

Feel like you’re the person for the job? Please send your bids to the recruiter:

PHYSICAL ASSET MANAGEMENT: Petra at [email protected]

VALVES AND FLUIDS: Nikola at [email protected]

WORKFORCE MANAGEMENT AND HR: Petar at [email protected]

INDUSTRIAL: Danica at [email protected]


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