Long term Copywriter & Content Manager to help with Dating Advice Company

The Attractive Man LLC Published: June 25, 2018
Work can be done remotely
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We’re looking to hire an in-house Copywriter/Content Manager to join our team and help us accomplish more. (As of now, this will be around 20-30 hours per week with the potential to go full time)

About us:
Through courses, coaching and bootcamps we help men become more confident and succeed with dating.

We have more than 280,000 Youtube subscribers, over 70k email subscribers and have even been featured on ABC’s Nightline.

We mainly want a great copywriter for three reasons:

1. To help us optimize our funnels (Our information product funnels and our coaching funnels). We want you to help us revamp our copy, help us come up with new ideas to test, new hooks, new big ideas, new products etc

2. To optimize and manage our email list (increase engagement, deliverability and sales). We want you to take charge of our list and help keep our audience hooked... while driving sales. Also improve our automation sequences.

3. In addition, we'd also like you to help out with our youtube videos that go out (coming up with ideas, titles, writing the descriptions and the emails that go out for them). https://www.youtube.com/theattractiveman

Qualities we are looking for:
1. A person that is very creative with tons of ideas, stories, hooks etc
2. Personal experience with the dating industry... with a personal understanding of the challenges guys face when meeting women. Ideally we want you to be at least "decent" with women. (Women feel free to apply but this position may be better suited for a guy)

What a typical week will look like:
– Managing our email list
– Writing and sending several emails per week.
– Revamping the copy on our sales pages
– Help us optimize our marketing funnels
– Working with our Youtube team to come up with new ideas and topics
– Crafting promotional emails to send to our subscribers
– Writing ad copy as we need them

What skills do you need to be successful in this role?
– Copywriting
– Creative
– Project Management
– Native English Speaker (A must)
– Good Grammar
– Organized
– Good game ;)
– The ability to get things done!

Side perks:
– Work remotely (i.e from home, coworking space, coffee shop, etc)
– Flexible schedule
– Direct access to the CEO/founder (i.e. mentoring, coaching)
– Autonomy – ability to make key business decisions
– Free access to attend any of our paid trainings and bootcamps.

Additional information:
We will start you off part time to see if we are both a good fit. We want you to join our team full time so you can help us grow. We don't want you to take on lots of other side projects. We want this to be your main focus. That being said, you'll have the opportunity for promotions and bonuses.

Starting Pay: $25/hour (Will give promotions based on results)

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