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Long-Term Article/Youtube Script Writers – (Write 15-30, 1200-Word Scripts/Month)

BB Media Management Published: July 22, 2020
Miami, Florida, USA
Work can be done remotely
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Small Business


Currently Hiring 3 Long-Term Writers - ASAP.

I manage multiple Youtube channels with Top 10 list-style videos.  We are always looking for top notch writers that can:

  • Write 1,200 word list-style, well researched articles/scripts fast (15 - 30 per month).  The topic and templated structure will be provided but usually consist of 100 word intro, 100 words on each list item (10 items, so 1000 words), 30 word  "please subscribe" plug, and 30-50 word "what to watch next" plug.
  • Write using great American style "spoken" English with little or no spelling errors.  As these are videos, proper English is not as important as having the words flow together when spoken. (As a check you can simply read your article/script to yourself before submitting and shorten/reword any sentences that don't flow easily.)
  • Produce 15-30 videos a month on a long-term contract basis. Work anytime you want, but part-time (PT) writers are expected to deliver 3-4 articles/scripts a week, and full-time (FT) writers are expected to deliver 6-7 articles/scripts a week
  • Make updates to article/script promptly (within 24 hours) as needed.  It is anticipated no updates will be needed after your first or second article (once you are familiar with our style).  However, on the rare occasion an update is needed, the update needs to be completed within 24 hours.
  • Provide links to articles, videos, and any other content used to research the topic. This list of links is important because we provide this list to the video editor to assist them in curating the footage and images for producing the video.
  • Templates and samples will be provided.  The niches range from luxury, most expensive, exotic cars, animals, plus a few others.


  • Interested candidate, please use the link below to answer a few questions and provide links to samples of your work.  We prefer to see samples of other Top 10, or Top (any number) style articles/scripts you have created.  We do not care whether or not you have ever created a video script,  because a top 10 article is just fine.
  • Selected Candidates will be given one PAID test assignment (short 400 word Top 3 article on Topic WE PROVIDE with an intro and 3 list items)
  • Candidates Advanced will then be given their first 2 PAID "Real" assignments, with a 48-hour return time.
  • From there hiring decisions will be made and contracts signed.
  • Articles/scripts written for us must be exclusively for us. Writers will be required to sign over all rights to the content and attest that the content was written exclusively for us.


  • Part Time (PT) writers will be given 3 topics per week (1st script is due back within 48 hours of assigning)
  • Full Time (FT) writers will initially be given 5 topics per week (1st script is due within 48 hours of assignment, and an article is due every 24 hours). After 10 articles have been successfully submitted without being sent back to the writer for revisions,  full-time writers will have the option of taking on 7 topics per week.


  • Please provide your per article/script rate for writing fifteen 1,200 word Top 10 articles/scripts a month, and if available thirty 1,200 word Top 10 articles/scripts a month (ex.  $20/per article for writing thirty 1,200 word Top 10 scripts a month)
  • Pay will be weekly On Monday's (US ET)  for All work submitted and approved by 5:00 PM US ET Saturday. (So if you submit 5 articles that are approved by Saturday Week 1, 2 days later on Monday of Week 2, you'll be paid for those 5 articles)


  • Candidates from ANY Country that have at least 1 writing sample and can write in near perfect spoken American English.  If you don't have any writing samples, your application will be REJECTED.
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