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Long Term Article Writers – Internet Defamation Attorney Blog

Minc Law Published: July 9, 2019
Cleveland, OH
Work can be done remotely
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I'm looking for a seasoned writer to write high-quality authority blog posts, e-books, pillar and cluster pages on topics related in my niche area of the law, Internet Defamation.


I'm an attorney. My law firm focuses on helping businesses and individuals remove negative and unwanted content from the Internet, stopping online cyber attacks, online harassment, and violations of privacy. I also provide consulting services in PR, SEO, and Online Reputation Management.

I am looking to form a long term relationship with someone who is interested in my area of practice and is excited about the opportunity to write about cutting edge issues involving the convergence of law, technology, and how individuals and businesses can deal with the problems of online reputation defense in the crazy world of the Internet and online search engines.

I like to think I've got a super fun / interesting practice. I deal with crazy situations where people are being extorted, are facing attacks from anonymous threats that I need to investigate and uncover, or have some of the most private and intimate details of their lives exposed online that they are trying to get removed. Many individuals and people who are my clients have no other option or place to turn. If I'm not able to fix or solve the dilemma, the person's life and reputation will be irreversibly harmed, forever.

My law firm is growing. I have been practicing in this niche for 8 years, however, I was always working as an attorney at other firms. On January 2018 I launched Minc Law. We now have 7 lawyers, 4 admins and are looking to keep growing. We have an aggressive content marketing and SEO strategy and need skilled writers to join our team.


The most important thing for me is working with a very skilled and experienced writer that has a lot of interest in my practice. Having a legal or journalism background, and experience with SEO and ORM is are big plusses, but not required. Although I do expect the person I higher to have knowledge and experience in the fundamentals or basic knowledge of SEO and things like keyword research. However, my primary goal is that I want to work with someone who understands what I do and what people who are looking to me for help with are researching and want to read. Having a great voice and personality as a writer is also a major plus. I know good writing when I see it.

You will be writing 3-8 posts, a month depending on how good you are and how well we can work together to produce the best content in a timely manner. This number could be less or more depending on the size of the post. Additionally, I am very interested in working with someone with experience in creating digital assets (e-books, guides, etc) and conversion/sales funnels. My concern is quality. Not quantity. The vast majority of Blog content will be a minimum of approx. 2000 words per article. But there is generally no cap as to how long they can be if something is thoroughly researched and is interesting and on point. I.e. if it is appropriate and awesome 5,000+ word articles are fine. Everything must be in tune with the overall SEO strategy, keyword targets and goals. I want interesting and comprehensive pieces that have a purpose and provide useful information for the sites readers and potential clients.

I'm happy to give a lot of flexibility and a ton of creative freedom to the right candidate. I want this to be as fun and interesting as possible.


100% NEGOTIABLE.  I want to work with great writers. If you are a great writer and a good fit I am willing to pay you whatever you want that's reasonable and the market dictates on an hourly basis for your time or on a flat fee per article basis.


DO NOT send me generic resumes and cover letter responses.  Only those who follow the specific instructions below will be considered for the position. Any e-mail applying for this position must answer the following questions:

(1) What is the most high-quality, interesting, and informative article, report, post, or other piece of online content you have ever written? Send me a link and briefly tell me why this is the case (all submissions are 100% confidential).

(2) What are your top five favorite subject areas or topics to write about?

(3) Please tell me about what experience you have with internet marketing and your knowledge about SEO and ORM (VERY IMPORTANT)?

(4) Do you have any PR experience or background working with journalists? Any legal experience? (not required but would love to hear more if you do)

(5) Please tell me at least three topics/areas of interest/ /stories/blog posts that you think would be relevant and good ideas for articles on my blog (think carefully, the only reason I'm asking is to see that you get what our business is about and who are customers are)

(6) Resumes will be reviewed if sent and are welcome. However, I also need links to the following (if applicable):

  • A link to your own blog.
  • A link to your twitter account.
  • A link to your Linkedin account.
  • Links to at least three other well-written blog articles or other writings that are representative samples of your work.

Please send your answers to Aaron Minc at Aminc@minclawcom. Please make sure that in the subject line of your e-mail you write "DEFAMATION REMOVAL LAW WRITER JOB INQUIRY."

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