Long Form Content Writer – Several Niches

OutreachMama Published: July 2, 2018
Work can be done remotely
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In this freelance role, you’ll be working with a fully staffed content team to create amazing long form content for our customers.
You can apply for 1 or more roles on the team depending on your preferences.
In our application, you'll be asked about the niches you prefer to write in and you'll be emailed a rate card based on your selections.
If you've seen content published on the www.neilpatel.com or www.backlinko.com blog, you know what quality content looks like. Well researched, well formatted, and well edited.

Up for the challenge? Apply!

These are the available positions:
Content Outline Creator - Research what other brands have done, come up with a flow that fits the industry, and create a comprehensive content outline for the writer.
Market Researcher - Based on the outline provided by the "Content Outline Creator", use the internet to find interesting stats, trends, and other data points our writer to use
Content Writer - Using the outline provided by the "Content Outline Creator" and data provided by the "Market Researcher", create a well formed 3000 word article that covers the topic in full - like how things used to be done, what changed, how their done now, what's important, dangers of getting it wrong, different ways to approach it, tips to get it right...
The writing and formatting style should match that of Neil Patel's blog. Here's an example: https://neilpatel.com/blog/anchor-text/
Long form content requires useful images so including those images, like important screenshots are key - and it's also key to be able to leave placeholders and suggestions for where the designer needs to create/insert some images (12 suggestion minimum).
Copy Editor/Line Editor - As a copy/line editor, making sure the content is grammatically correct and written in the same style as Neil Patel articles
(https://neilpatel.com/blog/anchor-text/) is your task
Tips for applying online safely