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Vimu enables people to share interesting or entertaining webpages they have found (news, articles, videos, pictures) with friends and others with similar tastes and interests.
It's a good alternative to the one size fits all approach of the mass media and can be fun, useful, and rather addictive.

Webpages are shared on Channels which can belong either to a person (a friends channel) or a particular topic.

You can create your own channels for fun or for a 50% share in advertising revenue.

Popular channels are placed on a separate domain name like and attract 65% of advertising revenue.

A Vimu channel can be thought of as a powerful social bookmarking site (like Digg or Reddit) which is focused on a niche topic.

Vimu channels require much less time to run than a blog and potentially attract many more readers.

You surf the web anyway so why not get paid for it?


What now?

Register on

Click on \"Settings\".

Click on \"Create New Channel\".

Click on \"Share\" to start sharing webapges on your new channel.

Invite people to subscribe.



The owner of the Vimu channel with the most genuine subscribers on the 11th of August 2008, 1pm, will win $100 USD, with second place earning $50 USD, and $25 USD for 3rd.

There's only one week left and the competition is starting to heat up so make sure you get your entry in soon.

To learn more read the FAQ at

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