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Panumart Tattoo (www.Thai.tattoo) Published: November 21, 2022
Chiang Mai, Thailand
Work can be done remotely
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Hello from Chiang Mai, Thailand. We are the Panumart Tattoo team, one of the best-rated tattoo shops in the world on Google.

We've been expanding our website and our global reach by creating content centered around tattoo ideas and we'd like you to work with us!


1) YOUR TASK will be to write articles for a tattoo website. All articles are templated and follow the same subject matter, so as you gain experience the time it takes you to finish one article will really go down. Here is an example of the type of article you will produce:


Articles tend to be 1500+ words long and filled with ~40 pictures (all photos will be provided for you), meaning each tattoo caption only needs to be around ~35 words long. After an introductory period of training, you will be expected to deliver FIVE to TEN articles per week.

2) PAY is $400 USD/month for five articles/week and
$800/month for ten articles/week.

3) TO APPLY FOR THIS POSITION, write a comment for each of the two tattoo photos linked at the bottom of this post. Here are some tips for the comments, although you don’t have to follow all of them:

- Be engaging and entertaining.
- Be descriptive – if someone read your comment without seeing the picture, could they get an idea of what the tattoo looked like?
- Be positive.
- Explain what it is about the tattoo that makes it look good.


Tips for applying online safely