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Keto / Low Carb Writer Wanted. Are you an experienced health writer? We need you to write about the keto diet!

Left Coast Performance Published: October 3, 2019
Work can be done remotely
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Are you an experienced health writer?

Are you familiar with the Keto / Low Carb Diet? (Bonus points if you've actually tried or are currently on the Keto diet)

Are you tired of writing for affiliate sites? Would you prefer to write educational content that teaches others all about the life changing benefits of the Ketogenic Diet?

I'm looking for 1 or 2 writers to help provide well written content for our established E-Commerce store (Leftcoastperformance.com). We will be aiming to produce 15-20k words per month on an on-going basis.

About Us

We provide high quality food / supplements for the Ketogenic community. We strive to provide the highest quality products at direct-to-consumer prices.

We are a family run business that has grown year-over-year for the past five years. Each month our products help 10's of thousands of our customers live a healthier and happier lifestyle. Most of our customers are on the Ketogenic diet to loss weight, however there is a small contingent of our customers who are biohackers looking to improve their overall performance through Ketosis.

We are working diligently to build a library of articles that can help educate consumers to give them a better understanding of how to get the most out of the Keto diet.

I'm looking for some paid writing help that will work with me to craft amazingly comprehensive, search- and human-optimized articles.

What I'm Looking For

I will be asking for informational articles on the keto diet. Some will cover the basics of following the keto diet, others will branch out into what you should and shouldn't eat. Articles may branch out into round up posts as well.

Articles need to be factually accurate, show a strong understanding of how the ketogenic diet works, be informative and mostly actionable, but written in a light-hearted conversational tone and style.

English MUST be your native language.

You MUST proofread and grammar check all your writing.

You MUST have some experience writing for health publications.

I will provide a fairly comprehensive brief for each article, outlining the intent of each page, important keywords to help you build the relevance of the piece, competitor examples, and live pages we'd like to model, but there will be lots of room for creativity and to write to your own style.

I will expect the articles to be 'scannable', with good use of headings, bullet-pointed / numbered lists, bolding and italics (if suitable) to make the text more easily read and suitable for the web.

References are critical - understanding how to find data-driven studies is crucial. Citing relevant and factual studies is crucial.

The Role

I'm looking for 1 to 2 people who can commit to writing 5k-10k words per month.

Article length will vary between 1000-3000 words.

What Does The Job Offer?

Get paid to write about something you already know and love!

You'll learn the latest, data-backed methods of putting together search-friendly articles, that will be a big value-add to any future clients you have.

The amount I pay will depend on a few factors and I fully expect a wide range of different prices requested. Please be true and honest to yourself.

All offers, no matter how high or low will be considered and I can equally pay low or high.

Please let me know what you would like to be paid for your services by providing a PER WORD quote.

Also provide at least one link to published work you have done in the health space.

*If possible choose an article that has several high quality, credible sources that have been cited.

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