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Investment and Personal Finance Writer Wanted

Stock Hax Published: April 25, 2017
Work can be done remotely
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My name is Eric Barrier, and I'm the lead writer at EpicPresence.com.

We’re about to begin a last-mile sprint on an internal project that will run for 3 to 4 months, and we’re pretty excited about the work we’ve done up to this point.

I'm looking for a writer to help us with the last portion of this project. We’re going to have an ongoing need for about three blog posts (1,000 to 1,500 words) per week that will touch on various aspects of investments, personal finance, trading tips and economic topics in general.

This position is immediately open, and we will pay on a per-article basis.


** NOTE: Please make sure to read this post in it’s entirety. Any submissions that do not adhere to all of these requirements will be automatically discarded. **


Who We Are Looking For

  • Someone who understands things like securities, basic trading strategies, candlestick charts, personal investing and economics.
  • Someone who is trying to get started as a writer and wants to build a portfolio.
  • Someone who can commit to a fairly regular workload of ~3 pieces per week for the next few months.
  • Someone who is a native speaker of English.


What This Job Pays

Our budget for this project is around $35 - $50 per article.

For the right writer, this could be a $3,000+ project with other opportunities down the road.


The Pros Of This Job

Experience: This gig will be a good opportunity for a relatively new writer to get in a lot of reps while working within an established editorial workflow. After four months, you will have built up a nice portfolio.

Great Team: We have a great team of people (all remote) who work together well and are conscientious about creating briefs and editing in a way that will set you up for success.

Very Flexible: Work whenever you want. We almost never operate on short-notice turnaround times. Your time is yours, and we respect that.


The Cons Of This Job

Formulas: Much of what we do follows specific formulas proven to get traffic. Many of these formulas are lists in various formats. Therefore, your creativity must be channeled into making the formulas engaging. However, this can also be an advantage, as you will never be at a loss for where to begin. Our Topics / Briefs will get you up and running quickly.

No Fluff: This is not a job where you can brainlessly whip up 250-word posts around a specific keyword. That will simply not work for us.

No Messy Grammar: We are looking for a high-quality first drafts. Yes, they will get edited, but this will be a light grammar and punctuation edit. Our editors are just too busy to clean up messy pieces.

Deadlines Are Huge: If you have trouble making deadlines, this is probably not a good fit.


How to Apply

Send an email to [email protected] and put “Investment and Personal Finance Writer” in the subject line. Also, please include links to 2 other pieces you’ve done and/or a link to your portfolio. The more experience you have to demonstrate in this field, the more interested we will be.


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