Investigative Journalist Needed Published: August 6, 2018
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At Top Secret Writers, we dig into stories on unusual topics most of the mainstream media doesn't cover. We focus on government secrets, paranormal, cults, and much more. We could be considered a conspiracy theory website, but we are an open-minded skeptical organization -- we believe in using an evidence-based approach to find the truth (or completely debunk) stories.

We are looking for a passionate investigative journalist to dig into these stories, make phone-calls, maybe even travel to places and investigate. We are changing from a blog-based (short form) approach to more of a longform, in-depth investigative model and we need extremely highly professional, expert freelance journalists who can help us take the site to the next level.

We're looking at stories that may get picked up by mainstream media once we break the stories. This takes work -- so please don't apply if you're looking to write quick one-of blog posts. That's not what we do. Stories may take weeks (or months) to investigate and complete. For this purpose we're boosting pay to cover that effort (as much as we can -- with the goal to increase it as our funding increases).

Writers who should apply are those who have a natural talent to research. You feel at home in the library digging though newspaper archives. You know how to dig through online archives for info, making phone calls to interview people, and filing FOIA requests and enjoy reading through declassified government documents for gems.

If you're very passionate about using an evidence-based approach to actually find the truth on topics few journalists and scientists dare to tread, this is for you.

Please only serious applicants. Please include links to past investigative-style articles you've written. Also, I'm not posting a pay rate because we're also working on a marketing strategy to boost funding so we can pay more than this to our writers for truly informative/provocative investigative pieces. So with your application, please include the sort of pay rate you feel is fair for this kind of work. Be honest -- we know the value of investigative journalists, and will be targeting fund-raising based on what writers feel is fair pay.

Our past work has gotten us (the founder) on interviews with national media and radio. Ryan was featured on the History Channel. Such opportunities for interviews will be yours.

I'm looking forward to hearing from you and embarking on this fascinating journey with you.

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