Internet Marketing Blogger Published: March 7, 2014
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I'm looking for a writer to research and write (nay, craft!) one comprehensive blog post per week. Candidate must be experienced in researching and writing in-depth, well-researched, outward-linking posts on various topics related to internet marketing.
Topics: online niche research, keyword research, email marketing, pay-per-click advertising, conversion optimization.

Type: (1) how-to posts and (2) posts that gather/summarize research and case studies.

Requirements: great research skills, beautiful writing, and good understanding of at least a couple of the topics mentioned above.

Pay: up to $200 per post published.
Minimum post length: will vary, with heavy emphasis on longer posts (2,000+ words)

The posts I'm looking for have to be of extremely high quality, full of research and lots of examples. Every claim you make has to be backed up by research, tests, evidence.

I would like my blog posts to have the same level of quality and thoroughness as this blog: .

Here's an example of a well-researched, comprehensive post that summarizes the research on a specific topic:

And here's an example of an excellent how-to post:

The purpose of the posts will be twofold: (1) to provide comprehensive, actionable content on specific internet marketing topics, and (2) to develop relationships with other bloggers in the internet marketing space by linking to their high-quality content.

The target audience of my blog is people who are new to internet marketing and are trying to make money online. I will be using my blog to establish authority and build my coaching business with this audience.

Posts will follow standard \"reading for the web\" guidelines: new paragraph every 3-4 lines, new sub-headline every 2-3 paragraphs, use of bullets, images, etc.

Every post has to come with high quality relevant and legal images (e.g. from Flickr or blogs, properly credited) - one image per screen, at least 3-4 images per post. High-quality videos (from Youtube, Vimeo, etc.) that complement the concepts in the written text would also be good.

Very strict on post quality - will not publish or pay for any sub-standard posts.

Native English speakers only, please.

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