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WebYaa Published: January 12, 2008
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Rate and Review Any - thing, body, product, place etc. that has weblinks associated with it.
Pick a subject that you enjoy, that you are currently researching, a hobby, etc.
and review all aspects of it.(Hilary Clinton, 1975 Porshe 911, John Doe (a contractor that did a good job on your remodel), etc, etc.

Create a Group and add the reviews to it. Then share your group with people who have similar interests in order to grow your Groups members and reviews.

During the Beta you get paid two ways:
1- Your Group grows to 10 members and 200 reviews (10 words or more; they do not have to be long and extensive. Relevancy is key however), you get paid $100. Create as many as you can.
2- You still get 50% of the Ad Revenue.
Contact Us that you signed up for the Beta Run.
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